World Community Grid Test Run and Pre-Proposal Discussion

The purpose of this proposal is to reward users for volunteering computing power to the World Community Grid Project. Users will sign up for WCG, join the DeVault team, and allocate computing power to the WCG projects..

The World Community Grid project allows users to volunteer their device’s spare computing power to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability. We have formed a DeVault WCG team and we are asking community members to join the team to help make a difference, and in the process help scientist help humanity. The process is very easy and we will be posting a guide soon.

I will be hosting a test run of this project. From August 1st through August 31st users who donate computing power to the DeVault World Community Grid Team will be rewarded with DVT. I am donating 50,000 DVT to this cause and I will be asking other large holders to donate as well. This entire test run will be manually completed, but my hopes is to get a fully or semi automated system. Users will be rewarded based on the amount of points they earn from donated computing power. The numbers will be based on percentages.

Here I will list the actual proposal I will be making in the near future after we run our test. I will present technical aspects, possible numbers, positive outcomes from the proposal and I will answer any questions the community might have.

We will need an automated system for payouts. Each month a fixed amount of DVT will be rewarded to the users who donated computing power to the DeVault WCG team. The amount owed to each user will need to be automated. The payouts, after moved from a multi-sig address will need to be automatically paid out to the users using a script or some other process. We will need a community portal for users to sign up for the DeVault WCG team, to make the process easy. I would like to have a team page showing stats and possible current payouts. There is more but this is the basics.

We will need to provide payment to the developer who helps on the technical aspects mentioned above. We will also need to choose an amount of DVT to allocate each month, maybe based on a fixed $ amount so as to avoid high payouts, or low payouts. This will ensure the incentive. We can have a short proposal and resubmit in the future to lower and higher the amount.

Ripple Labs did this same thing with XRP. It was a great way to onboard folks into crypto currency, myself included. It was where I started out in 2013. It opened my eyes. This will be great for users because it is almost like mining. Not really mining but in a way. You can also run BOINC from android phones, which would allow for many 3rd world country folks to participate. Ripple labs ran this for about a year and a half, and ended the program in mid 2014. They still have the 3rd highest point score behind IBM and one other team.

That is all for now. Please comment, suggest, and ask questions. I will make a new post for the TEST RUN we are running in August. If you would like to add to my 50k DVT pool prize please let me know. Thank you all.


Hey @Bill! Thanks for posting this. This is a biggie, I need to let it sit for a while so I understand the whole thing better. But one question I did have is how you envision this benefiting the DeVault community? I see XRP had some success in terms of point ranking, but what do you think that means in terms of benefit to the community? Not criticizing, just trying to understand. Also, assuming XRP was getting some benefit from the arrangement, why do you think they stopped?


First of all, pledging 50K DVT as well personally. Second, I have been running WCG for myself now and I’ve been trying to investigate the marketing side of it. What is the possibility of us reaching/climbing the ladder to like top 10, 20, 30, 50? I can’t quite seem to find the metrics as to calculate the resources or amount of users DVT would need to get there.

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Thank you sir for the response. I feel as though this would benefit DeVault in a few ways.

  • World community Grid uses BOINC client, which can be downloaded and used on android phones. This means that you do not need a computer to run the client, only an android phone. Mining as we know it takes expensive hardware, constant upkeep, or paying for hashing power. Rewarding users for running BOINC could even the playing field because anybody with a phone can participate.

  • Positive news in the media. I pointed out that XRP/Ripple, when they were running the program, shot up to first place in a matter of months. They are still third place even after closing the program in 2015/16. Ripple community never utilized the statistics they produced to gain media attention. This is something we can do, reach out to news organizations, podcast host, etc, and talk about our project. We are helping save humanity how is that not positive news!

  • It could help with distribution. Mean more coins in the hands of community members.

  • Ripple partnered with WCG [1]. The incentive was to get known. It worked, it’s literally what got me into crypto. I cant be the only one. This will allow folks to get coins without spending any money, simply by running a little client on their phone or computer. No credit cards involved, no KYC, no AML. Sign up, turn on BOINC client, let it run, earn coins. This will be a great way to on board new people to the industry.

I do not believe there was ever financial incentive for ripple. They premined 100 billion coins, and from those coins they distributed to users doing work. What happened was people were renting servers, from AWS, digital Ocean, Vultr, etc, and running the client on those. There was never any clean reason given for stopping, they just stopped. Could be any reasons but I don’t want to speculate.

Lext with your 50k that is 100k, which is a great amount to start with on this test run. I havn’t been able to run the client yet but will be setting it up later today to keep going while idle. I would have to look at weekly, monthly, numbers to get a better idea of how fast we can climb the rankings. Even making it in the top 30 would be great.


Here is the announcement ending the project.

An article from 2014 I wrote about the statistics produced