Website Updates + Ad Formatting

I think we could do some updates to the website to help simplify engagement. Our site looks great but it would be nice to have a more simplified “Call to Action” landing page. Perhaps we could use the why-devault page and build from there… I would suggest stripping away all stock photos for this page, have multiple “AIDA model” formatted subsections for all of the ways people can get involved emphasizing a call to action (purchasing/holding being the largest but also including governance/voting, bounties and DAO positions. With bounties & governance being suggested as a starting point for those interested in a DAO position maybe).

Example of the AIDA model -

This page could then be used as the landing page for specific types of marketing. We could essentially do multiple as well if wanted (like a page for crypto pros and a page for total newbies, linking the appropriate page depending on what type of marketing its attached to).

We also need to look at SEO. Unfortunately we started with the problem BTS now has (you used to find Bitshares when you searched BTS lol, not anymore). It really has to be a goal to somehow land somewhere on the first page for devault search results though.

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I agree that we could simplify and clean it up. and for the rest sounds good to me. can you provide a good example of the AIDA model?