Vietnamese Translation Proposal

This is a pre-proposal discussion thread for Tai Smile. This is not my proposal. I am consulting for free to help him get this dialed down and make it happen. Please discuss below, and ask any questions you have. Also any suggestions or comments are highly appreciated.

This is a proposal to translate all devault materials, publications, guides, articles, information papers, etc. We will compile a list of all material that we believe should be translated.

The proposal amount will be determined based on the number of publications and difficulty of translation. The standard rate for english written articles is 10-12 cents per word. Translations are much harder and I’d imagine that the cost will be slightly higher. Once we compile the list of publications to translate, we can give a fixed cost for the entire proposal.

translation of publications. Posting of the translations to the Vietnamese community and marketing the material to the community.


thanksfor your help buddy.

@taideptraivl can you expand on the services and what they include here?

what do you mean sir ?
more details or ??

yes please explain on the forums what you explained in discord for historical purposes.

haha, ok i’ll copy and repeat in again.

Dear all member !
I’m talking about ambassador campaign for VietNam commnunity. I’ve more 4 years experience in marketing and crypto, worked with so many project and succeed. Vietnam is a developed country and cryptocurrency is something that 80% of young people care about. I can helpDevault advertise a project in my country.
I will be the ambassador for your project in Vietnam, I will help you attract, and manage the community of Vietnamese investors.

Hi, could you explain a little more how you would help us attract people to devault? Have you been able to read and understand the white paper enough to be able to pass on this knowledge?

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