Upcoming Crypto Magazine Needs Help Find a Name

Hey everyone. I’m currently working on a Crypto Magazine, issue ONE to be published end of Q1 2020 (march-april).

We have yet to decide on a name for the magazine which brings me here. I’m reaching out to my favorite community in the Hope’s you can help me find a solid name.


  1. We are trying to brand this as a magazine. Not another news publication. We will release 4 Issues per year for each quarter. We highly suggest you use the word ‘magazine’ in your name submission.

  2. Upvote post of names you like.

  3. 100,000 DVT will be awarded to the person whose submission is chosen.

  4. By submitting a name you do not hold any claim over the submitted name.

  5. Submissions will be accepted until Jan 26.

  6. I have sole discretion on the winning name. The winner will be chosen by me.

  7. A winner will be fully recognized if I use the name. If no name suggested is declared a winner, no award will be given.

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how about just Crypto Magazine?


QC or CQ, aka
Quarterly Crypto or
Crypto Quarterly


Or maybe even “Crypto Q”


Must have 20 characters …

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@Bill I took the liberty to tweet this.

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I will suggest

  1. Crypto Logic Magazine or

  2. Devault Focus or

  3. Devault Alpha Magazine

fyi the magazine is not DeVault related.

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Oh ok

Then let’s go for Crypto Logic Magazine

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some ideas, feel free to add magazine or not:

(the) block reward
crypto fever
(the) orphan block
crypto uncles
the paper wallet
proof of word
steady hands

ill post some more later

the crypto teller
bye bye (fiat)

the insight
hello crypto

circulating supply
Full Node magazine
paper node

ill stop :smiley:

Hey everyone.

I sincerely appreciate all the submission. some great suggestions. we have chosen a winner and we decided to go with
OnChain Magazine

LLama is the winner. I’ll get you address on discord.

Winner. U r. Send address. Discord

Address sent, glad you liked the name :slight_smile: