Unnamed Exchange requested we list with them


Not on CMC yet.

Price: .05 btc (1.25m DVT sold from budget)

Some stats from the DMs:
We get 6 pairs
170 + projects listed
6 months old exchange
We are custom coded script
Not peatio script
We have 2 amazing features
Troll box tipping
Market reactions
Our volume is also less close to .6 to 1 Btc
But we don’t allow market making

What do you guys think? Fund from DAO budget? Fund from community fund or don’t list at all?

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the more the merrier, Personally id like to know the name of the exchange to be able to formulate a solid conclusion .

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Thats the name lol


interesting , Thats def going to have mix feeling within the community . Sigh i just toke a look at the UI , all these exchanges looks like they where purchased off fiveer . and added some basic changes to them , am not impressed . perhaps its best to save the Dao treasuring until we have enough to get on something like trade ogre or something better . I think we need an exchange that will bring more eyeballs.

I feel like our Devs can build a better exchange than this one :crazy_face:

Unnamed seems decent and promising, but

  1. Not sure its the best use of funds at this time
  2. Would prefer to wait until we decide to go with BLS addresses or not (expect proposal later). If we do, it would be great to get on an exchange that just supported BLS address deposits/withdrawals.
    Also if we do change, it’s going to be a drag to have to talk with all of the exchanges and walk them through the process of dropping old addresses and adding new ones.
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@spock what are BLS addresses again ?