Twitter Campaign - Community Engagement

Hi guys and girls,

I would like to discuss a pre-proposal idea; Twitter Campaign.

Budget = 1 MM $DVT. Providing each user that engages in this campaign (at least) 25K $DVT, so that they are instantly eligible for ColdRewards.

A couple of conditions should be met:

  • Proof of installing a wallet (DeLight; Core Wallet)
  • Engagement on twitter --> How would we go about this?"
  • Engagement in Discord/Telegram/Mattermost --> What would the definition of ‘engagement’ be?

Any ideas concerning this pre-proposal discussion are welcome! Let’s get ideas flowing (again) :slight_smile:

Sounds like we simply need to do manual giveaways for this 1 by 1 because I can bet my ass the cheaters show up out of the wood work regardless of what verification methods we use.

Human to human might work though.

Pick 5-10 people, let them pick 10 friends who do not have coins yet, go from there?

Totally valid remarks. Good idea. Any thoughts on how to incentivize engagement?

Could do a following requirement + a required tweet to receive?

25k for Proof of Wallet.
5k per user tweeting and using #DVT $DVT max of 5 times a day.

Guess we’d need a bigger budget for it if we would go that way

I’m trying to wrap this up and write a proposal. I guess DAO members should be excluded right? Would 1MM be enough?

Community budget atm = 9 MM. 1.6MM outstanding for the trading contests = 7.4MM and next superblock (in 10kish blocks) adds another 4.7 MM counts up to 12.1MM

So wouldn’t be to big of an issue having a twitter campaign use up 2 MM. If it proves to be succesful we could always look for expanding it, if it proves to be unsuccesful we could always reimburse the left over campaign budget.

I’m not really sure that giving away DeVault is really the best way to market our network… Especially in today’s environment. From current price that’s a cost per unique interaction of $7 USD. There are definitely ad programs that achieve a larger reach with a lower cost per click or interaction (depending on the ad format). The difference is those persons don’t automatically have coins to dump and are probably just as likely to purchase DVT and/or get involved with the community. I think we should look at taking out ads on semi-popular crypto sites like coinexplorer etc… Maybe first we should take a step back and actually gauge our methods.

Let’s ask, has a random tip or giveaway ever caused you to become involved in a project and/or purchase more?

For me that would be a no. In fact I’ve never taken a giveaway or tip of a coin that I didn’t already own some of. That’s dating all the way back to 2013, it’s never been what caused me to look at a coin or purchase etc…

What about you guys?

What you are saying sure has validity. But then again I could say the same for banners for example on Coinmarketcap. Has anybody ever bought any crypto due to these ads? I haven’t to be honest. I still think word-of-mouth in this day and age works the best.

We also need to look at costs.

  • For example Coinkit costs 0.62BTC (D got an offer) = $5k+
  • Coinexplorer (dash.cointraffic: used by coinexplorer) for banner ads is $20 daily.
  • Brave Ads campaign is a $2.5k MINIMUM (pay up front and end up on a waitlist for 2.5k)
  • 2MM Twitter Campaign (for example) would be $500.

Giving away DVT is also the easiest way imo. I wouldn’t be against for example market ourselves on coinexplorer, I would be an advocate of it. But then again there’s still 2 problems:
(1) dumping DVT ourselves to come up with the funds for the campaign
(2) how do you go about the barrier for people to download a wallet, sign up to graviex/southxchange etc.

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Well I’ve always used an ad blocker but I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered coins from sponsored content and direct ads (lfe is also now offering discounted direct ad packages on coinexplorer for a lot less then the ad network, and they’re not blocked by adblockers). I just think we should look at other methods, unless people come in here and say “hey, i discovered you guys from this giveaway” or “i discovered coins in giveaways and that got me involved” I don’t see how it makes sense to keep doing them… I’d rather save that budget for when someone submits a proposal offering to build something etc

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Twitter campaign is a must have. We should build a strategy with more impact than 40 peeps as i understood. Maybe instead of 40 cold rewards candidats. Just 5 and the remaining vía other contests vía logo use / t shirt design / meme/ lil tasks that wont take much time for users but may engage them with the concept of DeVault.


suppose it depends on your target. Id say that atm devault is mostly for nerds.

I actually really like the numbers behind the campaign offerings on coinexplorer. @Proteus could you get some more info about the actual costs atm and the possibilities? The form itself is clear but maybe you/we could arrange something more attractive. I would like to put that up for proposal and wait for more sentiment for the Twitter Campaign before proposing it.

@Missa would be sweet if she would be able to provide us with some high quality banners :smiley:

Not much to add that hasn’t already been mentioned.

Twitter giveaways do draw attention to the DVT twitter accounts, and can provide higher follower counts which extend the reach of any developmental announcements, however they do tend to attract a certain ‘type’ of Crypto enthusiast and this may not be the kind we would need to attract. That is not me being derogatory, just my point of view on the typical crypto bounty hunter, as they don’t tend to stay around once the drip feeding stops.

As far as useful applications of funding, could a twitter campaign surround the volunteering of ideas for the coin. Similar to what is happening in the Discord right now, but more formal and on this platform. Could then, once the viability of bringing the idea to fruition has been considered, reward with a significant amount of DVT the person / people that brought it to the table?

This would encourage individuals to a.) research the coin and what it stands for. b.) what the coin / platform is currently capable of. c.) Hold on to something they have helped mould, shape and build.

You may also attract some developers that would even want to utilize DVT for their own visions etc.

Could be a nonsense idea …


I like this (a lot), but we first need to get people drawn into our community. I still think we should do a Twitter campaign, but maybe we could introduce levels
(1) Proof of Wallet (25k)
(2) (1) + Daily tweets containing $DVT #DeVault #DVT (5k)
(3) (1) + (2) + for example writing articles on Medium or whatever outlet.(25k)

with a budget of 2 MM this could at least draw in 36 new users if they’d decide to go through all the levels.

I like your idea tho @Llama but imo that’s step 2.

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@Proteus I think the link above is a proposal for twitter campaign . I dont mind the twitter campaign that is in pre-proposal , however if the design is to target 20-50 people the amount that the proposal is trying to allocate doesnt make sense to me and feels like a waste of resources . the goal is to get people to become a part of our community . and become long term holders as we grow . I can see people trying to game that system as @Decentralizd mentioned . if we are to do a twitter campaign . it should be to onboard users into discord and telegram . then Airdrop | rain fractions of DVT on them every few minutes . I have seen this type of campaign work out quite well as @robgroove mentioned above . in the end the goal is user retention .
forcing people to download wallet doesnt feel organic to me and people will just download the wallet . get that free 25K DVT . dump it and delete the wallet . but if keep create random campaigns and bring people into our discord to join our community i think the retention will be quite high especially if we have a scheme in play to have users engaged

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Is there anyway to give tokens to users for creating.
Maybe a meme competition or even a list of tasks that need doing such as programming, artwork ect ect however they get 1000 dvt for completing the task but then 4000 to 9000 dvt which is locked up until sometime around the tip of the next bull run.

This way they might be more engaged in the community by being forced to hold while they get to know us all and the project. Also one of the benefits is when their tokens are unlocked there will be a lot more liquidity flying around and they (if they sell) get a lot more out of it leading to them being more grateful and respectful to the dvt community/project.

Dvt will be remembered to them as that coin that made a difference to their portfolio.