Transparency dao

so to return to my idea, id like your opinion before making a formal proposal.

  1. a transparency dao consisting of probably just 1 person but could grow if the daos grow in a not so distant future.

this dao would make a report every 1/2/3/6/12 months depending on what we deside. personally I dont think we need one more often than every 3 months. an annual report could even do.
the idea is someone not connected to the daos ensuring openness and transparency.
it is also my personal opinion that this person should be hired on a need to basis so that we can vote each time who or maybe make a public announcement that we need someone from the outside to do the job.
so in that light maybe calling it a dao is not the right name for it since the person could change depending on what we decide.


  1. simple once a year or so like I said above go out and hire someone to do the job.
    so in stead of having a dedicated dao we could have a recurring formalized in someway event that triggers the transparency report.

the difference in this report compared to the ones lex writes is that those are entirely economical i.e. where the money goes, and this report would be concerned with the actual openness of the work done by the daos.

we could call this report the state of transparency in devault. or something like this. a measure of how we are doing to help us not to drift.

Not to be that guy, but what are we not transparent enough with as is?

Lex is working on an automated transparency site and already cites where funds go per utxo and we know how much people get paid and so on, what further could we add?

Im all for transparency but I would like us to hire people to do actually valuable jobs, not just the redundant stuff that we already do as to make the best use of budgets…

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It could also take the form of an AMA like I tried to organize one time. point is that the DAO activity and decision making can be hard to track for the community. fx. at what point was it decided how much we get paid and why. same for how much is paid out to the individual DAOs for their budget and why.
in the end we always come back to the problem of a small community that doesnt engage that much.
so yea maybe it isnt so relevant atm.
or that the DAOs once in a while communicate to the community what they been up to. but I guess due to the DAO nature of thin gs thats up to the individual DAOs

I’m all for transparency. But I feel the same way D does. We would definitely need an ombudsman or a full time accountant once we grow into multi million dollars mktcap. But I don’t think the time is here yet.

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I do feel like we could account more for the work we do. GitHub basically is an open accountability system. But other DAOS could write a small document each superblock or quarter, about the things they have been working on and accomplished. That would be a great addition in my eyes.

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ok. so lets get back to it in a year or 2 :slight_smile: