teamHODL music video discussion

Hey everyone, Hashbrown here.

We just finished up the DeVault song today:

I think the best way to promote the song would be to make a live action music video with myself and our producer in the shots. Due to Covid restrictions we probably won’t be shooting in super public spaces, but we have a plan for A) relatively isolated locations like parking structures and B) using a green screen a friend has potentially to provide extra locations/visual textures

Regarding price, we have discussed and think asking for an additional 1 million DVT is a fair price. To make the video will take both my producer and I a minimum of 16 hours each between filming and editing. My going rate as an audio engineer is $35/hr for non crypto work (we usually get paid a premium as creators).

32 hours @ $35/hr = $1120 @ current DVT price of $0.00080808 =1,386,001 DVT

Some have expressed that since the price rose since our last proposal we should take that into account, which we acknowledge. Also need to acknowledge that with current liquidity pool we can’t actually sell what we’ve been paid for at that price at this point. And while we are teamHODL and believe in HODL’ing and this project, again we would usually charge premium for that (we’ve been burned in the past and would charge at least 50% in BTC).

So all that aside, we can meet in the middle and take a small price cut down to $25/hr which gets the total to 990,000 DVT which just makes sense to round up to 1mm in my opinion.

As always, open to discussion, glad to have found this forum to post this :slight_smile:


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