Start Up Cost Proposal: ReWork GUI Work for Seed Phrases - 2.7m Coins from Community Budget split amongst donators

Start Up Cost Proposal: ReWork GUI Work for Seed Phrases

Description: Prior to launch an agreement was made to fund .5 btc worth of work from an external team to rework our Seed Phrase boot process for new wallets and make them not only more usable, but more secure in the process by forcing users to re-enter their seed in an elegant way as opposed to simply writing it down and closing the pop up.

This work is now complete and while there was funds for this work at the time, they have since been utilized elsewhere as the assumption was the DAO budgets would be able to cover this work.

Sadly this is not currently the case and we are forced to pursue other solutions to this payment.

The proposed solution is outlined below:

3.5 Million Coins @ 14 Satoshis (average price for last week) that will be locked for 3 months in a multi-sig address and split up among any donators proportionally, everyone is welcome to chip in and receive a portion of this.

Cost: 3.5 Million Coins @ 14 Satoshis ~.5 btc

DAO Additions: 800k - DevDAO
Community Budget Cost - 2.7m (3 installments of 900k)

Timeline: 3 payments

Current BTC Pledges: 5
*if you would like to participate leave a comment here or contact me in DMs

We hope this proposal will pass so we can move on and integrate this code without seeking external funding for the cost and do not intend on funding larger development proposals this way, simply a stop gap solution to keep the team focused on development and not sourcing funding.

Thank you!


What is the deadline of chipping in?

I’d say the deadline for pledging is around 5 days until I submit the proposal for voting, people have already agreed to cover this cost we just want to make sure to be open and inclusive in the process.

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Will pledge (max of 0.025 btc) to this proposal if possible.

I believe the price is now stable enough to resubmit the 3rd addition to this proposal, with additional coins, additional supporters and get this out of our hair once and for all.

We’ve had the dev team waiting quite some time due to price volatility.

The total amount we would need to gather at this price exceeds the single monthly amount of coins (12m coins), therefore I am proposing a paypack program over a period of 3 months to ease the strain while getting this paid for and out of our hair so we can focus on building, not bills.

We currently have 8 people who have pledged or already sent the coins, they are willing to pay up front and wait for coins over a period of 3 months.

If you are not part of the 8 and would like to be, either DM me on Discord or comment here.


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