Rewards Marketing Program

Hi DeVaultiers.

For people who don’t know me yet, I’m Eiky, I’m managing the Steemit, Twitter and Telegram accounts and in the Portuguese language.

I really like the DeVault project and I have known it. Thanks to Very good friends that I have here.

I want to tell you to contact the CEO of Zaigar.

Zaigar is a marketing platform with an attractive and automated rewards program. It acts as a link between investors, supporters and enthusiasts with the projects that want to integrate new users.

With this, what I am looking for is to generate new members to the community, who know our social networks, to really know what DeVault is.
I think it is good to get new members to the community and as a result to increase the current volume of DVT in circulation.

I have been accompanying Zaigar’s work and have achieved very good results.

How does it work:
Basically for every dollar they ask for, they give 30% to users who meet the requirements.

An example of the reward program:
1- Enter the DeVault Discord
2-Create an account on DeVaul.OnLine
3- Follow the official Twitter and in Portuguese
4- Follow the Official Telegram Channel and in Portuguese

Now that we have “DeLight” wallet and a good marketing job, I think we can build a stronger community, generate transaction volume, this platform is NOT only for Brazilian users, anyone can do the rewards program on the Zaigar platform .

I leave some of the marketing jobs they offer


I await the comments :slight_smile:


I agree that this is a good idea, but I don’t think we can do anything until we have paid the external developers. after that we can think about funding projects.


I understand, it is a good way to reach more people who know the project. At least with campaigns on twitter should be as an option. but first that the bills are paid and then we continue with the ideas. they have my support :call_me_hand:t3:

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Your idea is very good, the Zaigar platform is a great company for dissemination, not only in Brazil but abroad.

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