Reduce Community Rewards from 15% to 5%

Currently the Community DAO address accounts for about 24 million coins and is at the top of the Richlist.
Since these funds are not being used, I think it’s a bad idea for them to accumulate.
So I am proposing that in a future superblock in the next couple of months or so, we reduce the Community rewards from 15% down to 5%. This is reduce the number of future coins generated and stop unneeded stockpiling of coins


Like was mentioned before, it’s much easier to vote to slash funding % as opposed to vote to increase it and while the balance may be some form of a security issue I honestly think there will be many times we need to rely on it to either fund development work or other stuff, the only reason we haven’t done alot of that yet is because the value has been slow low per coin that dumping that many coins into the market is often times not that simple…

I’d say lets give it a few more months atleast before we start think about changing incentive structures again, we do that too often it might make the coin look a bit messy around the edges for not having a ‘solid in stone monetary policy’ of sorts.

Can easily spend 20m coins if you guys would like me to, been turning down 5-10k usd requests for exchanges and other platforms for months…

Also, isn’t the budget producing alot less coins now than usual anyways due to the inflation dropping?