[PROPOSAL] Guidance for Coordinators Regarding Superblock Payment Times

Summary: This pre-proposal discussion is being created to begin to have a conversation about “best practices” with regards to DAO team members. Specifically, the question before the community is whether or not to require DAO coordinators to have their budget payments submitted within 24 hours of being confirmed after the superblock.

Discussion: It seems that there are a number of factors affecting our new project beyond our control, such as price, the bear market etc. That doesn’t mean we are completely powerless to shape the direction of the project. In fact, I would argue that the current bear market gives us an opportunity to focus on the cultural and operational dynamics which will end up being of great value to us as we become more successful.

As an example, I would really like to see us start building a culture of accountability and respect towards one another. That’s not to say that we are not doing that now, but I think if we make explicit our priorities by using the voting system it will act as a concrete example of what our community values.

I’d love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


I fully stand behind this. Another suggestion added to best practices.


Also related to co-ordinators, I’d like to see them commit to the position for 3 months at a time if possible. Since we use multi-sig payouts, whenever a co-ordinator resigns, we’ll have less signature authorities available and if too many quit we run the danger of not being able to payout the budgets. Also, short notice doesn’t give a lot of time to write the needed code and enforce a mandatory update which is generally disruptive and should be avoided if possible


100% agreed, any hardforks should be planned and minimized.

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