Project promotion for the Russian-speaking community

I can work as a marketer for a Russian-speaking community for your project.
For example, I can create content for your social networks or translate yours for FB,Twitter.Medium and order advertising from proven popular YouTube bloggers and other opinion leaders.

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Could you give us examples concerning these popular YouTube bloggers? shouldn’t that be vloggers? and other opinion leaders? Are you in direct contact with them?

I can show you their channels:

I’m in direct contact with them

And to go into details. What would be the specific offer/costs?

As to creating content for our social networks or translations you should speak about this in discord. We currently have bounties on BitcoinTalk.

I offer you my services as a moderator, translator and content maker in Russian.
Their videos will cost:
CryptoShark - 0.03 btc
CryptoGain - 0.015 btc