Pre-Proposal - Uptrennd Ad

Uptrennd is a new upcoming crypto social network and I can post an ad for the DVT community.
The ad needs to be 336px by 280px
I think the image and URL link should be discussed if we are going to go ahead with this.
Should we link to website ort link to the discord channel.
We could also do 2 ads and link to both the site and discord channel.

Im happy to post the ad but I would require either the desired amount of eth which I would trade for 1up but would much rather someone just send me the desired 1up tokens which I would then send to my account on uptrennd to publish the ad.

Here’s my account on uptrennd,


In your (pre)proposal it should be clear what the benefits are, the costs etc.
Can you give us specifics on this? Also how the proposal system works is that the cost for your proposal gets reimbursed in DVT (relative to both market prices). That’s what the community budget is for :).

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Thanks for your input as a community member btw!

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didnt realize 1up still existed…