[Pre-proposal] Fork copay or add dvt to Unstoppable wallet

This is to discuss what is more desirable by the community.

As we know we have delight and it works well for most of the usecases, minus multi-sig unless its already there.
Copay is a modified, open source version of the bitpay wallet, what it allows for are multi-coin wallets or multiple coins in the app.along with easy to use multi-sig functionality.

Other option is to add support for DVT on unstoppable wallet,which uses Insight explorer as backend to get and sync block data.

  • Copay
  • Unstoppable Wallet

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Thanks for the initiative here. For others who don’t know Akshaynexus, I’ve known him for probably a year or more through association with various dev work for others coins. So it would be great to have him work on DVT issues.
However, for this effort, I think we should hold off on doing either of these for a little while. The reason being, that the dev team have been working on transitioning the network to use BLS signature instead of our current bitcoin compatible ECDSA ones.
I’ll provide more info on BLS elsewhere to give folks a better idea of the trade-offs. However, neither of the proposed wallets support BLS and thus any work done may be obsolete in a few months.
The decision to move to BLS is not guaranteed either however. We are in the feasibility/testing phase of the work and if the results are acceptable we will put a proposal to the network for voting on it. The BLS work also opens up a path to supporting private transactions as well as scaling better than our current transactions due to the benefit of aggregate signatures (again more on this later).


sounds amazing spock! tho bitpay wouldnt be bad. we’ll see later

While yes,bls would make it obselete,it isnt too complicated to add BLS to the copay codebase unless there isnt any chia-bls js wrapper.Anyways good point.

The pool seems to have voted for unstoppable, I will try to get a quote from hashengineering for the bitcoinkit implementation on android.