Pre-Proposal: DeVault Legion Beta 0.0.2

Amount: 1 580 744
Timeline: 1- 2 Months
Total Hours Expected: 240 hours

DeVault Legion, a group of community members contributing into social media exposure of $DVT motivated by rewards and prizes for their time and passion to the project.

Hi everyone this is Oucan, for those who doesn’t know me at all, Math and French teacher, father, have been into crypto since early 2017 and worked for some other altcoin projects as translator / articles writer/ but mostly as community builder. Have been in $DVT since day 1 spamming social media and spanish speaking blockchain community. Daily trolling and support on our Discord and Telegram Channels.

The budget still the same as the original discussion:

Then 5x The social rewards according to the poll for the voting proposal:

But only added 160 472

The reason is to complet our salaries yes! I’m adding @raulicci who is the DVT Social Bot Dev

Here you have some screenshots.


We will take some budget funds for the server and will kep you updated via DVT Legion Reports.

Please feel free to ask and suggest.

Kind Regards.


Best put some posts on 4chan,twitter is too saturated atm.

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I love the idea, the bot will show us the tasks and there we will capture the link with our recommendations? and will it validate?

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I agree to this. Can we please incorporate 4chan? Also is tiktok possible. Twitter and Facebook are saturated af


Hi, Awesome Ideas, will add TikTok and 4Chan.
Will do my research b4 putting the proposal for voting.

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Bot will save your twitter user and your DVT adress, then send a task, if you accomplish the task it will trigger a payment, we are discussing the the delay.

feel free to ask more about its functions.

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Is this just on telegram or will discord be included with this as well?

Bot will run on telegram but we can bridge a scoreboard on discord

think we should add one at a time. lets get this working and live on twitter then add on

I mean we can start with 4chan / Hispachan and tiktok tasks but don’t think as an api integration on the bot. not at this moment gotta finish completely the tlegram twitter bridge.