[Pre-Proposal] DeVault Calendar

I propose we make a devault calendar.

Anyone from the community can submit photos to be included in the calendar (Example Nohbdy submitting a photo of himself in a white thong bikini for August).

This could be spread as a contest on social media to increase engagement.

Submitted photos could also include a QR code for people to donate to the photo creator. Original photos only.

Photos chosen for the calendar would be rewarded with 25K DVT each.

Photos could be picked by committee of community members or by DAOs or by some other method suggested.

Calendars would be sold at cost and anyone would be free to re-sell them for a profit if they so chose. They would be produced by a print on demand service chosen at a later time.

25K * 12 winners = total cost 300k

Could add additional funds to compensate judges of contest. I would suggest 3 judges being compensated 25k DVT each if that is the way this goes making the total cost 375K DVT.

Someone feel free to re-phrase this in a more coherent way.

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I love it! Real humans brought together by a blockchain.

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sounds like fun!
id say the community votes the photos
can happen here on the forum as a thread where people submit photos and the ones with more likes win or something like that.

I like that idea. Does anyone have an opinion on allocating 25-50k DVT to compensate someone for finding a printing service and arranging the photos and all that stuff?

I am posting this information here so we can come back to it.

List of Companies who can print On Demand Calendars:

  1. https://www.gooten.com - offers 3 templates to use,minimal, classic and modern. Price per calendar would be about $10, and then $10 for shipping depending on country.

  2. https://xpress.lulu.com/ - Not really sure how much this one is or how it works. I didn’t sign up.

  3. https://www.calvendo.com/index.cfm?&id=51 - This one seems good although no pricing either. It looks like they offer you a page to sell your calendar. I think gooten does also.


ill go for gooten. think lulu doesnt work w WP that I use. had some probs w gootens plugin but ill have it done soon.

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Thank you sir. I am starting the contest today and it should run for about 2 weeks. So we should be ready to create our real calendar shortly there after once winners are chosen.

DeVault Calendar Photo Competition

Meant to include a link from the proposal to the actual contest.