Pre- Proposal ? DAO funding? DeVault Legion Beta 0.0.1

DeVault Legion Beta 0.0.1

Amount: 304 325 $DVT + Salary (See poll and Calculation)
Timeline: 1 Month
Total Hours Expected: 120 hours

DeVault Legion, a group of community members contributing into social media exposure of $DVT motivated by rewards and prizes for their time and passion to the project.

Hi everyone this is Oucan, for those who doesn’t know me at all, Math and French teacher, father, have been into crypto since early 2017 and worked for some other altcoin projects as translator / articles writer/ but mostly as community builder. Have been in $DVT since day 1 spamming social media and spanish speaking blockchain community. Daily trolling and support on our Discord and Telegram Channels.

Well, here you have a Monthly budget which will be explained below.


#1 RT from DAO / Community members tweets with $DVT / #DeVault : Rewarding that RT and generating exposure.

#2 $DVT mentions on 3rd party tweets such as Human Action LLC

#3 Coingecko has a like button is simple but might help.

#4 $DVT answer on twitter


#5 The group where im sending all those tasks is not mine, is from a friend of mine who is kinda kwnown @josepimpo (member of @bitso and many other projects) that group is made for teaching people about cryptos and earn crypto by simple tasks, so sometimes he request donations and im rewarding the equivalent amount in satoshis but in $DVT for contributors.

#6 commenting in a youtube video 1st usecase @VoskCoin

#7 positive comment about $DVT in SX trollbox

#8 Joining discord.
#X Daily rewards per user
#A average daily rewarded users
#B X()A
#C B(

Other Airdrops /campaigns

#9 asking 4 adresses and airdropping to non bot users

#10 #POLEMIC I’ve been giving away 5k $DVT to the persons buying at least 20k so the can experience cold rewards. is that a ponzi? is a stimulous

#11 Joining people to DeVault by downloading DeLight and leaving a 5 stars review

#12 The only USD pegged ITEM
@blockchainland (biggest tech and blockchain event)
10 tweets campaing cost 10 USD but it implicates also news or events from us.

#Y total other airdrops and campaign.

#12 Unexpected expenses:
Such as 25k for BTC pizza day donation and 10K ATM Pizza Day Botfun Rain.

#D C + Y + 12

#E Total community budget as showed on

#F Percentage of the Community Buget that would be used on this proposal.


As talked sometime before with @decentralizd scalability is escencial, I’m doing my research in order to achieve automatization of the rewards in a big percentage.


Will Create a public spread sheet with all the rewards txid concept and user (hidden to the public) in order to track the participation, statistics, and future prizes and rewards based on participation.

Please take in count that reward amounts can be modifiable, and those ammounts have been since 3 sats price.

Poll about salary

Taking in count that I’m a DAO member, should I receive a salary for this proposal?

  • Yes
  • No

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Check this calculation.

so if we add a salary that’s the result 575472

** wont dump even on 10x

Due to the nature of the proposal :slight_smile:

Should it be

  • Community proposal
  • Full funded by a DAO budget
  • Partially community and DAO

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Well that’s all

Thanks for your attention and opinions.

Kind Regards.

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Looks good.
Will this be a crew or just you doing the work?

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Hi Pest, for this month only me, am working in shomenthing adding another language :eyes: and maybe a Telegram for automatization (don’t know how much time will take) a @twitter bot will help too.

Awesome work bro!

We’ve been talking about it in DMs. I’d say go for it. To be honest I think we should up the amounts. In my eyes we should multiple the amounts by 5. The amounts are pretty low for engagement to really pop off in my eyes


Hey Lex,

Thanks for your support :wink:
You mean the reward ammounts?
What do the others think about it?

  • x2
  • x3
  • x4
  • x5
  • x6
  • x7

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I set those ammounts bc of sat price compared to ccktip average, but thinking about it, those are mostly bots and increasing the rewards may attract more people.

Thanks for your opinion and feedback

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The rewards amounts, yes.


Thanks for your comments <3

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No se mucho apenas estoy empapando e pero todo esfuerzo merece su recompensa eso es mi forma de ver porque el trabajo a veces nos supera aunque amemos lo que hacemos


I don’t know much I’m just soaking and but every effort deserves its reward that’s my way of seeing because work sometimes surpasses us even though we love what we do


Thanks for translating it to english community will appreciate that.


Great proposal, it’s something I had touched on in chats but really didnt know how to get my point accross. You have managed it perfectly.

One thing I had thought of was getting rid of the tip bot money in bot fun. I feel the rain rewards are being manipulated by people simply trying to get rains should they happen, and it doesnt bring anything to the project. Perhaps these funds could fund the first couple months of your proposal?

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I really do appreciate you taking the effort to translate, thank you

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Heey Tony!

Thanks for your comments. Can’t remember about your comments but I’m sure everyone want non bot method for media exposure. Part of my responsability is to incentivize also community involvement, I said in the group yesterdat that they are not bots and Im not a master, i want them to involve with the community hoping in the near future the can submit their own proposals.

In a certain point @akshaynexus bot is fighting the fake rain takers. As no one knows when someone will rain is kinda hard for bots/scammers take advantage of the rains, once again i think Mr Akshay could give us a better opinion.

There are something about tip bot funds for the anniversary but I’m not sure about the final decision, that’s why i’m asking if it have to gone trought traditional proposal for voting or funded by Marketing DAO.

Kind Regards.

I don’t know much I’m just soaking and but every effort deserves its reward that’s my way of seeing because work sometimes surpasses us even though we love what we do

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esta exelente la propuesta pero creo que hay gente que no puede hacer todo y solo se enfoca en un tipo de rede social hay que dar solucion a ese tipo de ayuda. tambien comento, que pagandolo el dao en si de donde saldria ese salario?


Hola bro, puedes pasar tu comentario a inglés, la comunidad lo agradecerá, saludos cordiales.

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The proposal is excellent, but I think that there are people who cannot do everything and only focus on one type of social network, that type of aid must be solved. He also commented, that paying the salary itself where would that salary come from?


Thanks for the translation bro,

I totally agree with you, not everyone will be able to complete a certain task, and it’s ok, that means that other participants will have the chance of earning that reward, increasing the userbase, I will focus also into teaching about different tasks and social networks in order to increase their chance on earning some $DVT.

The salary and budget can come from the DAO budget (team budget) or the Community Budget (every $DVT user/supporter) can submit a proposal with an awesome idea and get funded, thats better explained on the whitepaper here :

you can see older proposals on:

I appreciate your comments and involvement in the project, always supporting DVT on SouthX

Kind regards

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I’m new so I’ll just say that if the community think its good then I’m ok with it.

As I get more acquainted with the project I’ll be able to give you better feedback.




Thanks for your comments, you will learn so much here :wink: lot of awesome people in the community!