Pre-Proposal Criptomerkado DVT Integration

Amount: 790 000 $DVT
Timeline: 1 week

This proposal is the listing fee for integrating DVT in a p2p cryptomarketplace.
They are asking for 0.025 BTC and 0.035 BTC in DVT Equivalent ammount.
Usually They ask for .04 but strictly in BTC.
So I offered to pay 0.025 in BTC and 0.035 BTC in DVT for some avantages as airdropping users. And will negotiate for future projects and advantages.


Is a P2P marketplace for criptocurrencies based in Latin America.

Launching date is on 24th august 2020

I have been in contact with their community since August, is a very active comunity and most of the users haver experience using cryptos.


They are already testing DVT


So due to the OTC raising funds, in order to get those .025 the otc at the price market is open.

Mr. Gerson from Criptomerkado team, will also intruduce himself,

I will submit the proposal.

Yes. I can chip in if needed, but I’d rather have others do it/have a chance at doing so.

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Hello Goodnight.
it is a pleasure for to list your cryptocurrency and you can participate in these solutions that we are developing.
At this moment we are analyzing your cryptocurrency and starting the testing process of the cryptocurrency node & api.

We will be very happy that the entire DVT community operates in cryptocurrency and can make fast and secure exchanges.
Next Monday 24, is the start, we are waiting for you!

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Good night guys, greetings!

It is a pleasure to know that DVT will be listed in the ecosystem, I tell you that once DVT is available, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that are going to be launched in the ecosystem.

The union of DVT & will make history… :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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How exciting, @contrerg I wish the team the best of luck with CriptoMerkado. As for the proposal, I would love to see a little more detail about what the Devault community will get for this fee. Here are some questions I have:

  1. Since the website is not yet live, what does the Devault community get for essentially being a founding partner?
  2. Are the servers for the project located outside of Venezuela?
  3. Do you plan on having the Petro (PTR) as a listing currency in the future?

Again, I am very happy to see this project being built but there are, as you know, unique risks associated if the project is based in Venezuela.



Hi @fiatluxx it was my misstake, a part of the team is from Venezuela and is a project aiming latinamerica including Venezuela… will let them to answer the rest of the questions.



Hello Friend good afternoon.
criptomerkado is developing adoption solutions for cryptocurrencies.
The advantage that DVT is listed in cryptocurrency is that you can enjoy all the solutions that we will implement.

At this moment we are going to launch a p2p, but there are several projects that are already in full development, where DVT could participate in it under certain conditions.

the criptomerkado .com site will go live tonight, although the official launch date is tomorrow.

The servers are all in the US, we do not have servers located in Venezuela, it is important for you to know that although the developers are Venezuelans, we are not located in Venezuela, nor do we depend on Venezuelan laws to operate …

criptomerkado .com has an international projection, and it is the objective of the project to massify in many countries, to list small coins that do not have the options of a p2p. and it is the opportunity that DVT has to continue growing with us, so that the community in any country where it is, can buy and sell DVT safely and reliably.

The crypto currencies that will be listed in criptomerkado .com will go through various evaluations and verifications, we will try as much as possible not to list cryptocurrencies scam, or with scams, or anything in that particular, we will filter very well the crypto currencies to be listed. We hope not to list PTR.


Great questions, and decent answers as well in my opinion.

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thank you for the reply @contrerg. However, it is very vague and very very conditional meaning no guarantees of anything really. This is disappointing since you were already asked for more details and you just repeated “you can enjoy all the solutions that we will implement.”

Since you are going live tonight, can you provide some form of guide of the current services that will be provided immediately?
I don’t think it makes sense for us to fund for things that may or may not happen in the future at this point, so showing the current capabilities are very important.

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Well esteemed, I comment, the first solution that we are going to get is a P2P, if we have 3 more projects in progress, but we are not yet authorized to disclose the projects … a few days before the launch of the new solutions we will notify you with many tastes where we will inform you if they want to join or not.

The main core is cryptocurrency and there will be the base of all the projects that will come out.

For now I can tell you that the launch is a p2p. and we will also implement telephone recharge and payment of public and private services in several countries, little by little.

I think that with just the fact of a solution like p2p it is a very ambitious project and it is a mouth-watering because interesting things are coming …



I think, agreeing to spock a fair bit, there is a language barrier here. @Oucan maybe you can help out?

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They tried to upload that media files but as they are new users they cant upload multiple files.
Those are screenshots from the website, its the user interface where we can find the list of p2p trades and the negotiation / communication for p2p trades, payment services for phone credit recharges, and multiple payment methods including paypal.

When it goes online i can make some trades with other coins in order to see how it works exactly, in the beta /demo version i have not acces to other functionalities.

Personally I have been in contact with part of the team thats why I asked them to test DVT and participate in the discussion, the proposal is online for voting but we can discuss here before any voting decision, the team is open for questions, feedback and suggestions.


@Lex pointed out that there may be a language barrier happening here, but my concern with reading your response is the phrase “under certain conditions.”

Could anyone be more clear about what conditions would have to be met for us to take part in these projects? As @spock pointed out the responses are very vague and there are no guarantees for the future.

I agree that this project is very ambitious, but the promise that interesting things are coming just isn’t enough for me. I understand wanting to keep things private until these projects are released, however I don’t think we should give consideration to those future projects when we 1) don’t know anything about them and 2) have unspoken conditions that would have to be met.

If it is easier please feel free to make posts in Spanish and I’m sure we can get the post translated.


Hello friend, good morning, I understand your question and your concerns perfectly. Our website will be published in the next few hours, where you can read all our terms and conditions, like any other exchange.

It would not be bad for them to follow us closely in the project, and when you have more confidence they can join.

I will also be open to questions and comments, it will be a pleasure to answer them.


Hello friend,
good morning,

I understand your question and your concerns perfectly. Our website will be published in the next few hours, where you can read all our terms and conditions, like any other exchange.

It would not be bad for them to follow us closely in the project, and when you have more confidence they can join.

I will also be open to questions and comments, it will be a pleasure to answer them.

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@contrerg @Oucan Thank you both for the response. I saw that the website is up and it looks beautiful. I will spend some time today and sign up and poke around. I am very excited about this project.


I just see one page with no information (except 0 countdown). Am I missing something?

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Hi @spock can you try again?

I’ve had a chance to play around with the website and it’s really fantastic. The team has clearly put a lot of effort into UX and it’s very ambitious (in a good way) in what they are trying to do.I counted 23 different ways to fund the account with fiat, such as Paypal and Western Union plus many many regional options.

This is really well thought out and I think has the potential to be very successful. There are some downsides though. The core functionality is a P2P exchange that services most of Latin America, this is something that is really needed. The problem with doing a p2p or exchange at this time is that in order to do it successfully as a smaller player you pretty much have to exclude US residents because of the onerous regulatory environment. They have opted to go this route.

The other thing that will rub some in the Devault community wrong is that in order to interact with the platform in a meaningful way, you need to go through KYC.

I’m of the opinion that the way they have built this by excluding US residents and requiring KYC is the right way to do it. I am also of the opinion that, assuming it works, it would be very beneficial for the liquidity of Devault.