I’d like to propose a(nother) trading contest. Basically the same as the previous one we did @SouthXchange. But let’s make it a bit more exciting and up the ante. I propose a total prize pool of 1,050,000 $DVT. Prizes ranges from 100k for #1 and 5k for #20.


Some Notes:

  • We have the right to exclude bot volume.
  • We have the right to pick the winners based on our desired metrics.
  • The entire prize pool will start off at 1,050,000 DVT and will be open to donations during the month.
  • There will be 20 traders chosen and they will split the prize pool.
  • Contest will run from superblock #6 till superblock #7

Prize Pool address is devault:qqzlpa7ue2mcnhgljurxthmh98ccjvvhfuwg4cke8k

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seems alright to me, lez do it

I would propose this for Graviex: