Ombudsman for more transparency

So as we all know the DAO system is far from completely in place, not only but also because of lack of funding, and I have this idea for improved transparency in the DeVault organization.
Lex from bizness DAO has been doing a great job of making the transparency reports but they are have an inherent problem: lex is a member of a DAO.
I have been thinking that for the future we must be flawless and do our best to show that we keep a clean house as this is one of our key features.
So I was thinking we could implement something like an ombudsman.


It is basically a person not involved in the organization who can review transparency and deal with mediations in situations that involves DAO members etc.
I imagine that it is someone in a position like this that should write the transparency reports and that these reports should contain information about the DAOS, their members and what they are doing so to make it easy for the community to get an overview. you could argue that much of this information is already available but it is spread out and incomplete.
I imagine that we could have those monthly transparency reports and then maybe a quarterly (every 3 superblock) also have a report on the state of the organization of DeVault ie the DAOs.
The ombudsman could for example contact the dao members and write a short report based on their answers.
I feel that in general we need some sort of mechanism for holding DAO members responsible to the community and a DAO transparency report like that would help. It is not meant as policing. I think that the DAOs as dezentralized organizations should internally decide on their structure and have a representant as now but we do get paid and it is not always clear to the community what we do.
The ombudsman could also hold a key to the multisig payout wallet to have an independent person involved in payouts.

Maybe the reports lex do should be called financial transparency reports.
Maybe we from the DAOs should make a quarterly/biannual/annual report on our work.

Let me know what you think.

And @Lex you know its not personal. :kissing_heart:


I’m all for it. This weekend the transparency reports will be updated to the latest superblock (been a bit busy). But yeah, the more transparency the better. I’ve been calling for it since beginning. This is also why I always (to the point of annoying people) ask people to vote as to counter the argument that decisions are being swayed by DAO members.

The more transparency the better. I guess each DAO could write monthly reports. They only need to be like one page.

I also think DAO payments should be discussed/voted upon.

I would also want people (especially from the team) to react to the following:

I’ve tried to start discussion about it but never got a response.

I’ve been asking to discuss it multiple times, but to no avail. I want to put this out first, I will never stop supporting and trying to add value to DeVault whatever happens.

As for the developers they have also been doing this all for pretty much nothing (the highest salary per superblock paid was something like 1.3 MM. That’s still just a couple hundred dollars a superblock. But for the other team members for almost all months they have received 200k. At the time of writing this is about ~$120. Again, not saying this because I want to enrich myself or other team members. But I would want to allocate more of my time and resources to develop DeVault on the business and marketing side of things, but with those amounts I simply can’t. When salaries were being discussed I think it was said that the estimation of these payments was done on the expectation of $DVT being in the 50-100 sats range.

I also do the transparency reports (which I am behind on, I know, will be updated at the latest this sunday), but I don’t even know when things will be paid. Me and Fiatluxx have spoken about this at the beginning of our project, for transparency sake payments should be done on a structural basis (e.g. payments for DAO members within 2 days of the next superblock).

Also I would like to see multi sig keys being redistributed towards SUPPOR/TECHNICAL @oucan @pest, marketing @Decentralizd, (web)development towards @Proteus @spock.

Last note is that I have been saying/asking multiple times for more hands on deck. There’s not a lot of budget to spend towards anything business development related, but with more hands on deck (for example 2 more people towards bizdev/marketing we could do a lot more). I think if we could increase the salaries per superblock, pretty much paying for people’s time, we can do more on in more parts of the world. We are increasing the community budget but I would rather see them be burned or distributed towards DAO budgets/payments then having it sitting idle doing nothing, because tbh there are almost no proposals.

Sorry for not typing this in an easily readible structure, I’m not ranting, but I wanted this to be said.

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OK. I’m also all for Pest’s proposal.
Regarding Lex’s question, I’d be for more rebalancing them from Community funds to Team members.
This is because I don’t want the % going to miners to shrink more and also don’t want to see untapped funds like Community growing due to lack of usage.
Sorry if i don’t respond to more community issues but I really don’t have the time to be involved as much in community while also doing dev stuff and rely on other folks to handle that


Thanks for the inputs.
Looks like we touched on various topics that might need to be discussed on their own.

DAO status reports:
an addition to transparency reports that helps the community understand what the DAOs are busy with and where the money is going.
Could be something like a monthly report from the DAOs, as long as there is some sort of communication from the DAOs towards the community.

DAO payments:

  1. I imagine that at some point we will have a system of automated regular votes on DAOs and their payments.
  2. how to value the work done and get the community involved so its not just us from the DAOs deciding how much we should get paid.

for now I think its fine and doubt that we will see a change in the payments anytime soon.

More ppl in biz marketing:
maybe discuss this as a proposal?

How to deal with a growing community budget:
personally I see it as a problem of lacking activity that will solve itself when the community grows and start making proposals.
If more people see it as a problem then we can discuss a way to have a minimum spending every month.

I will simplify and define this idea to start a pre-proposal discussion.

Agree into “hiring” someone external for the accounting and reports.

@Lex and @spock suggestions are completely valid and mentioned a pre-proposal discusion could be oppened for more ideas and community opinion.

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