Nanu Exchange Listing

DeVault is already voting on the Brazilian exchange Nanu Exchange, currently it has 3 votes and it has 5.98% in a status that goes to 100%.
This listing already guarantees BTC pair exchange
and later we could by voting put DeVault in the pair in BRL (Brazilian currency).
What is the Advantage of putting DeVault in a Brazilian exchange?
The advantage is that the Brazilian market is undergoing a gigantic expansion in the subject of cryptocurrencies.
Many Brazilians have been running crypto events to publicize, therefore the interest in buying currencies in exchange has been recurring here.
a video in Portuguese language of the DeVault cryptocurrency was made,

and the acceptance was very positive. With the help of Eiky it was possible to put English subtitles in the same video.
I strongly believe that if DeVault is part of the Nanu Exchange, we may have a good influx of Brazilians by purchasing DeVault.
Value for listing is 5000 NNC, own exchange currency used for voting.
currently needs 350,000 DVT to be able to list it
Vote link.

Thanks to everyone who voted for
and thanks for the trust


Any updates on this ??

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I have a 7000 NNC buy order to exchange currency for the pair in BTC and BRL
Unfortunately the process is slow,
I will put and disconnect from this project. He is not serious.
I am a public person and I honor my commitments.
But unfortunately I depend on third parties to put the devault in exchange.