Might as well start the introduction threads a bit early :D

What does everyone do? When did you get into crypto? Whats your favorite thing about crypto or its implications?

Go crazy kids haha! Lets hear it…

As far as my line of work, Im self employed in two separate industries. Ill keep it minimal with that info for now lol.

Got into crypto in late 2016. Bought my first BTC through LocalBitCoins , later got involved with ETH and XRP, experienced the rise and crash of the bull/bear market. Been hooked ever since.

Definitely big on DAO and giving legitimate governance over personal finance back to the individual, while at the same time realizing todays banking systems can still be leveraged by individuals if they know how to ‘play the game’. Ultimately crypto seems the ultimate power move in accessing this.

Currently looking into several certs in blockchain/ smart contract development as the next step in wetting my whistle for crypto.



I’m a bass player (surprise) and recording engineer. These days I pay the bills by running IT for a small company that does reporting and analytics for some small government offices. I manage a team of .NET / SQL developers and handle all the things that a big company has a full IT department for… lots of hats.

I got into crypto about 2 years ago. I re-connected with an old friend of mine, he turned me on to crypto, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I used to GPU mine, I had 9 cards going at one point… but made my money back and sold the cards. My biggest hope for crypto is that it will eventually replace fiat globally as the currency system of the world, without interference from government or private banks. Idealist, I know, right? In the short term, my biggest interest is in cryptos with a governance concept. DeVault will create value for the world as community members come together around our ideas and put them into action!


I have been actively in this space in the last 2 years. My favourite thing about Crypto is the freedom it gives and the many different people you meet - the good, the bad and downright ugly. Hopefully I just get to meet just the first 2 types here and more of the first :laughing:


Nice to meet you Nitego. Heres to a happy and healthy DAO vision from one advocate to another.

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Welcome BassMonster. Happy to see you bring some traffic in here, man