Marketing Sponsorship for Brazilian digital influence


An influencer has a language popularly known in the Brazilian cryptographic market, where the content generated on the channel helps to solve doubts and didactically clarify each function developed by Devault.


Deliver quality content by developing new Devault-related themes and improving Devault-sponsored content education.

Thinking of these goals as a form of business, highlight:

Increased awareness of Devault usage;
Encourage the use of currency in Brazil by merchants and consumers;
Answer the key questions about portfolio installation, trading, and popularization of standardized information.


My intention is to show my outreach work that needs to be constant and keep the formative content formatted for the development of my Z Crypto channel.

The purpose of the proposal is to encourage the production of quality content by providing easy-to-understand information for consumers, businesses, investors and the general population.


What is Devault?

Where to buy Devault?

What service channels are available for discussion, questions and / or solutions?

How to create a wallet?

How to generate and maintain secure access keys

And much more.


I develop quality content, specifying Devault’s main action points, and clearly and objectively teach all the content demonstrated on my channel.
In addition, the Devault tag should appear on all videos produced, regardless of the content produced.

Brand exposure as well as content rehearsal, explanatory content, and developed content should increase the flow of people interested in Devault and further improve the relationship of people already investing in Devaulth, as well as engage more merchants and consumers.


370,000 DVT
This value would be for the total period of 1 month.
With 2 videos per week

Wendel coast



The influencer plays an important role in disseminating information, producing quality content and using teaching methods so that consumers, enthusiasts, marketers and technology stakeholders can easily and transparently know Devault’s various fields of activity.

Link to first video created for Devault

Thanks for reading and supporting my channel.


While I like the proposal, I don’t see the cost working out currently as the market is severely hampering our value.

I could however see many multiple month long proposals or something under 1m coins for say, 3 months.

The issue is alot of coins will be exiting the budget soon for other costs so this may be a hard one to pass at this time.


Ok I understand I made this proposal the same way I do for other currencies or exchange.
I understand that finances are really bad
Can I then submit a low bid for a period of 3 months?

You are free to do as you please as its up to the voters not me, simply providing a bit of feedback as to the current state of things.

Ok alright I’ll be there
and thanks for the feedback

I changed the value is the period
I hope to have the approval
I really believe in your project

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I would like to point out I can make 1 video a week, it would be 4 months,
so as not to get massive or forced but if you want to make me more videos for this if any, even because the devault is rich in information, there are plenty of issues.

I don’t mean to sound nit-picky or anything~ But could you clarify what you mean in the quote, below?

even because the devault is rich in information, there are plenty of issues.

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Forgive me my english he’s terrible.
So the main goal is that in this 3 month period,
I would make 1 video per week which would give 4 videos per month and 12 videos for the whole period of 3 months.

I’ve had sponsorship of currencies like Smartcash and Zcore and as promised I delivered my services.

With regards to Smartcash my sponsorship was 1 year in those 1 year my channel is rich in smartcash videos.

You must be demanding and always be.
so I can better show you what you want to know in explanations.

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Gotchu, thanks for the effort there! :cat2:
If your proposal passes, I encourage you to ask around our community and developers for information and subjects to speak about, especially within Discord and Telegram.
I’d be more than happy to help provide some information to speak about as well, the technical side of DeVault, philosophy of the project and the founding member’s goals for the early days of DeVault :smile:
Good luck!


Sensational Wonder
It would be a great pleasure to get more information to talk about DeVault.
Thank you very much for your attention.


Could you specify how you came up with the cost of this proposal and the offset as to what it would bring DeVault? How many views would this bring forth? How many views should the videos get as a minimum threshold to receive the DVT specified?

Ah wanna know one thing you are the same as Smartcash people, you are centralizers.
There is no way to estimate views for the video made for DeVault since on sites like Southexchange people blast your project away.
I not only changed the value as I said, I put 8 videos in the month.
If you want me to vote negative, that’s fine. But I already let you go there are other projects more serious and without this whimper.

Lol. I was just asking serious questions but you turn hostile just because I and others don’t see the point in fulfilling this proposal? Have a good one.

Woah, where did that come from? Didn’t we just fund a proposal for you as well? Why would you talk like that about us? You were literally just paid by us and the next day you respond like that?

Really disappointing. BTW - We have ONE person who trashes us on SouthX and I really don’t even know why. Spock even gave the guy 40k DVT for no reason and out of no where he went bi-polar and started spewing random lies…

I see you are seeking funds from multiple crypto projects. Do you always talk to their communities so poorly?

Will be very happy to see your prompt action to complete the Nanu Exchange proposal.


Hoping this guy didn’t get funded before delivering.

This is a risk of a decentralized budget but its worth the risk imo, its a learning experience for virtually $0 if he doesnt deliver.

Yes, he was paid out yesterday.

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The only people blasting this project, are literally, braindead.

If you think this project is at all similar to SmartCash, you are so uninformed its almost hilarious.
This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If your project doesn’t provide enough value and seems like it won’t be delivered well or at all, there is no point in voting yes on it, especially with an attitude like that.

Would like to see your Nanu Exchange proposal fulfilled before voting yes on anything else from you. Will be voting this down until then as well.


I am waiting for the order to be overrun for the purchase of NNC currency from Nanu.Exchange in order to vote. I am a man of word

Regardless of whether DeVault joins Nanu exchange, I do not care about your votes regarding other proposals.