[INFO]DeVault ColdRewards Informational Document

Source: Github

written by @Lex, revised and information added by @BassMonster.

If you wish to tip them, for their efforts, you can send it to:
Lex: devault:qzzsz2r6hsc4qxg9p76azt5u8320nu7ee5zkcd60py
BassMonster: devault:qq472dsxppga9pmcjzs4kr5x83qt0e7g4y69g7ctun


not to be “that guy” but has the “public” copy of this been edited for grammar? i’d be happy to do so if not.


Thanks for being that guy. I’ve asked the team to proofread and didn’t get any remarks. I will DM (on discord) you the file. If you’d like, you can revise it (please highlight everything you change in a different color, red for example). Thanks

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doh, i should have turned Track Changes on. just seeing now you asked me to mark my edits…

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