Increase Minimum Balance for Cold Rewards

Increase the minimum balance needed for Cold Rewards from 1000 to 10000 DVT. No other aspects are expected to change and the 10000 will be rewarded approximately every month as before.

With a minimum of 1000 DVT, many cold rewards are going to an exchange as miners get payouts from mining pools. The exchange is not forwarding these gains to the traders. Currently about 97% of coins are eligible for cold rewards due to this, which was not the intent also. Raising the threshold to 10000, should help better distribute rewards to ordinary holders

I think this is a great idea.

I’d even say; up it to 100k. I mean what is the current worth of 100k DVT right now? 40 dollars?

As we speak 91.68% of all holders have 100k or more on one addy. If they would consolidate in 100k or more UTXO’s they’d be eligible.

If there are enough folks who want to up it to 100k, we could, but it would need a new proposal at this point

I’m not against 100k. While we’re at it we might as well look at removing the Reward cap or at least increasing it as well. Personally I’d vote for removing it altogether. The original idea was to prevent exchanges from benefiting too greatly but we haven’t seen any exchanges consolidate their coins this way anyways

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OK. If someone wants to put up a proposal for 100k, we can let the voters decide. If the number of +votes exceeds the 10k one, I’ll ask for the 10k one to be taken down.

Also, removing the cap should be doable without any impact (don’t think this needs to be voted on)

Pareto principle, don’t go too high

25000 would be $10 at todays prices, seems like a nice equilibrium without sidelining the folks that $40 would be hard to accumulate…


100k would work, but I feel like its hard to actually buy 100k so may seem daunting to folk since acquiring that much would usually pump the price 25% or more.

Yeah I agree,

Maybe make 25k same as 1k (quarterly)

And 100k the same as 4k (monthly)

Agree that 25k is a good compromise. In addition to today’s price we need to consider price if we 10x. We do not want to be changing this up and down with price.
I’ll put up another proposal for 25k, if an admin takes down my 10k one. Otherwise, please, someone else put up one.
We should move quick on this since it’s a breaking change and we need to sync with other changes

Done! You can put up the new one