How to recreate your wallet with the seed phrase

When you first start the DeVault QT desktop wallet it will ask you to provide a password to encrypt the wallet and then it will show you a seed phrase. In the case you forget or loose your password or the wallet file then you can use the seed phrase to recover your wallet.

To do this you must run the wallet from command line and provide it with the following option:



First rename your old wallet, usually found in

Then run the wallet from cmd with the seed phrase option:

You enter command prompt by pressing the windows key and typing cmd. Once in command prompt you must enter the directory where the DeVault wallet is installed by typing

cd C:\Program Files\DeVault

Then type

devault-qt.exe -seedphrase=”SEED PHRASE"

And your wallet will be recreated.


Same procedure except adopted to linux. Rename wallet with default location in hidden directory “.devault” and then run the wallet in the terminal by typing

devault-qt -seedphrase=”SEED PHRASE"

Note that if you didn’t install the wallet into the system then you must enter the directory called bin in the devault dir.


Same procedure but I haven’t tested so: Coming soon!

How to get your seed phrase from the wallet if you lost it

Go to debug console in the menu.

Type in

walletpassphrase YOURPASSWORD 600

(windows example)
dumpwallet "C:\WHEREVERYOUWANTTOPUTIT\myseedforexample.txt"

It is a good idea to delete the file with your seed phrase once written down.

There is a GUI feature planned for a near future.