[GUIDE] Making a Proposal

How to make a proposal on the DeVault Ecosystem
A guide to making your mark on the DVT world forever by Nohbdy45645

Step 1:
Come up with an idea. Or a lot of ideas. Some good and some bad. Keep the ideas flowing. Even if it is only part of an idea, you have a starting place (see Step 2: for details).

Step 2:
Talk about your idea. Sometimes you’re going to start with a halfassed idea that isn’t anywhere close to ready to be a proposal. Talk about it. #:rocket:-ideabox on discord is a good place for this. This process also slides right into step 3.

Step 3:
Post your suggestion on DeVaultchat.cc. This is the forum where ideas start to become formalized. Lay your idea out with different suggestions or paths that your idea could take. Solicit community input and support for your idea both here and on discord. When I did mine I made an extra post on the forum summarizing some things that had been discussed on discord. Using the forum in this way can give one centralized place for information rather than people looking in the forum and through discord and various other places to get the latest information about the proposal. Without the input of other members of the community your idea is not likely to be accepted in the form you post it. Don’t go all cowboy and try to do it on your own. We have a community for a reason. We all want to help each other and this is a good way to help refine your idea.

Step 4:
When you think you are ready to make a formal proposition, register an account on DeVault.Online if you haven’t already. This will require you to register an account including signing a message from the wallet. Downloading the wallet is easy and instructions for signing the wallet can be found by clicking “Extended form” on the

You will need to know the cost of your proposal by this stage and have an address ready to receive the funds. This could be your own address if the proposal involves payment made directly to you or could be the address of an administrator in the case of the proposal I made. If you are unsure it’s always best to ask because once the proposal has been finalized on the website there is no way for you to edit it  What you have there is what will be voted on… Make sure you put in what you actually want the community to vote on.

Step 5:
Wait for moderation. There is a mechanism in place that prevents spam proposals. This requires admins to manually approve the listing. They are not looking at your proposal for merit. They are only making sure that your proposal is an actual proposal and not spam from a bot clogging up the system. Give it a little bit of time, but if it is taking longer than you think it should; ask on discord.

Step 6:
Vote on your own proposal. I assume since you made the proposal, you are going to vote in favor of it. Once the listing is out of moderation and is a live proposal, click the check mark on your proposal’s listing (If you want to downvote your own proposal, you shouldn’t have submitted it to begin with but you can click the X symbol to downvote) and follow the instructions for signing your vote. It is the same process you went through when you verified your registration on the website.
Step 7:
Push the shit out of your proposal. Talk about it on discord and on twitter and anywhere else you can think of. Drive people into the community and encourage them to vote. If they need help with the voting process, guide them. Answer any questions anyone might ask about your proposal and keep interest going with it. Each coin is entitled to a vote so encourage everyone to cast their votes.

Whatever the outcome of the vote on your proposal, you’ve made a contribution to the DeVault community. Your proposal, regardless of if it passed or not, will always be part of DeVault’s history. Make more and keep driving the community. Stay active. Vote on every proposal and have your opinions heard. Help other people with this process. It can be intimidating coming into a community and trying to forge a path and make a place for yourself in a larger community. You just did it. Do it again and keep it going.

Even though it feels like I’ve been a part of this community for a lifetime, I joined discord less than a month ago. Everyone has a place with DVT. You can’t ever be told that you don’t belong.