Exchange Crex24 Listing

I have requested a DeVault currency listing request for exchange Crex24:
I waited for 5 days for the return and this was the email I received

Hello, coin Dev!
We are - cryptocurrency exchange.

We took a look at your request.

We could offer you 2 listing options.

  1. Standard one.
    0.3 BTC listing fee. Integration + BTC market.
    Each additional market + 0.1 BTC fee.
    Available markets: BTC / ETH / FIAT markets (USD, EUR, RUB) / StableCoins (TUSD, USDT, USDC, PAX)

  2. Extended.
    0.4 BTC listing fee. Integration + 3 markets.
    Each additional market + 0.1 BTC fee.
    Available markets: BTC / ETH / FIAT markets (USD, EUR, RUB) / StableCoins (TUSD, USDT, USDC, PAX)

Integration time: 3 - 10 days.

Also, you’ll be able to make a faucet with your coin after integration (if you wish):
You can find “Faucet Control Panel” here:

If you are ok with our fee:
We have a fee payment page on our website.
-Could you tell me your Crex24 mail ID (email)?
-We’ll make a bill to pay.
-After that, you’ll find a bill to pay at the “bill” section:
-You’ll deposit BTC to your Crex24 account and pay the listing fee in 1 click.

Crex24 Team

I would like everyone’s opinion if it’s worth it.
I thank you all for your attention

I’m not sold on the value of constantly paying these overpriced exchange listings.

The first few, sure, but pretty sure Crex won’t add much value nor has unique traders.

besides, we have ALOT of unpaid development work to pay for in the near future, expecting these folks to work on highly complex systems for cheap is not a good recipe.


Not worth it imo. That’s another 3,000 USD+ for a listing. We can do a lot more marketing wise for that money than paying another listing fee. How would you want to come up with that money? If you want to put up a proposal for DVT that’s another 5 Million DVT, at current price (6 sats). Highest buy order on SouthX is 4 sats. So that’s another 7.5 Million DVT. I’d suggest we first look at ways to increase current volume. I would vote no on this.


agree with both last 2 comments. I think we should not add ANY more exchanges without seeing more volume first. Even free listings will cause a burden on devs/exchange coordinators with no obvious benefit


I understand. So I created this post to check your position.

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as I told Decentralizd

this post was to check placement
Unfortunately many exchanges have been charging absurd amounts with little return for good service.

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ok I understand, Thank´s

If their listing fee is negototiable I think this would be a good oppurtunity to obtain more exposure and reach more users. With the dvt contest in effect this could supplement that. Just my opinion.

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Most folks don’t have the time to check each coin that gets added to an exchange. I’ve never done that myself. Traders probably won’t trade unless there is liquidity and there won’t be any initially. So it’s a very expensive way to get one or two new users at the expense of other ways the money can be used.

I agree its a risk, but please compare the market volume of these 2 exchanges and let me know what you think now.

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Thats 48.5 times more market activity. Somethimg to think about aswell

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I don’t believe that’s real at all

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Maybe your right, but thats what is currently on coinmarketcap.

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