DeVault Legion Report:

The proposal has been discussed the 24th may

and submitted on devault.online the 29th may and passed the 13th june.

Important information to take in count:

The platforms used during the first 2 weeks are Twitter, Youtube and Telegram.

General metrics include also non DVT legion tweets and YouTube comments.

First telegram groups:

$GANA BTC on internet.

Which is a group where people share airdrops and others activities for earning criptos.

DeVault focused groups:

Spanish speaking:

And french speaking group:

In those groups we talk about devault and cryptos in general and the tasks are sent.

Not too much interaction but well task engagement.

The tasks

At the moment we are using mostly Twitter as there are a big party of the crypto community in general, and You Tube as almost daily influencers upload content.


Consist on watching and comment about DeVault and suggesting to include it in a crypto top / hidden gem / projects topic video.


Suggesting to include DeVault in some polls and crypto activities as chart analysis.

Participation and payments:

Conclusion about activities:

Twitter has not being too much active for organic promotion.

YouTube are the less interesting for participants.

Will mix twitter and YT for more participation.

General twitter metrics by Lunar Crush

Average 50 popular tweets with peaks of 130 popular tweets which are reflecting the DVT LEGION tasks.

Other hastag tracker

216 Twitter $DVT mentions


Last 100 tweets stats interaction:

Extra stuff

We added French speaking community.

Hive presence.

I’ve been invited to the Hive Mexico community, and teaching about DVT, sponsoring some contests /giveaways to the community promoting $DVT, there is @Ritch who has been helping a lot and also creating content for hive.


DVT Legion app bot.

@raulucci is the main dev, atm is closed source and we will be showing more about the product in a month maybe less.

Payment: 170k DVT for starting the project (it remains the salary) will include those prices in the next proposal.

Remaining budget:

Other expenses are, Twitter /Telegram/ Hive giveaways, spanish speaking community tips and give aways on discord.

Please drop your comments and suggestions in order to strengthen the proposal.

Thanks for your time and support.

Kind Regards.