Did Devault have large fork over the last couple days?

Was there a large fork recently? Losing 500 blocks or so? What happened?

There wasn’t a large fork, but if your client is closed improperly when you re-open you’ll likely be 500 or so blocks behind and appear to be stuck. Your client might even start banning peers and your debug.log may have an “invalid header” error. The fix to this is to clear your blockchain files and sync fresh (make sure you don’t delete your “wallets” folder or wallet.dat). We’re looking into possible solutions to mitigate this bug.

Chain seemed totally stable until 1.0.6 was released. This is the second time in a few days that i’ve had to redownload the whole chain.

Are you a pool operator?

Yes. We run a Devault pool.

Are you in our discord?

Please msg me if so.