Development Bonus for 2 Core Developers

I would like to propose a 1 million coin one-time bonus, to be paid out to the 2 of them to split as a thank you for not only working on the project for free or virtually free the past 6 months.

Our two main developers have been working hard, and staying very adamantly ingrained in the project, and this has been happening for 6 months. I would like the community to reward them for their constant support with a launch bonus for the time that was unbilled prior to the launch of the project and to compensate a bit for the low prices during the first few months.

While they work on the project for the longterm value to improve for the overall economy, I think it is only right we do what we can to incentivise them sticking around long term and helping us build this community for the next 20 years, not saying they wouldn’t otherwise but I would think a show of appreciation on the communities end would definitely help them a bit.

Thanks everyone.