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I would like to propose a recurring DeVault giveaway for epic gaming content. I can setup a small website or whatever (will think about that later).

The idea basically is that each month people have the chance to upload their craziest/funniest/shittiest/most hilarious/fucked up gaming video to the portal (not sure what that is going to be just yet, as mentioned could be a website).

The entire community and people outside of the community can vote upon the one they like the best. There is a #1, #2, and #3 spot. The prizes are:

#1 $DVT 100,000 (currently $39.93) just to get an idea of the worth of the prize
#2 $DVT 50,000 (currently $19.97)
#3 $DVT 25,000 (currently $9.98)

Total costs = $DVT 175,000 per month/superblock.

This proposal is an idea to kickstart the whole DeVault gaming community

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the is ready. Hope you like the banner

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DVT gaming has been always a great idea, count with me for support and advertising on spanish speaking groups also COD warzone players on Twitter <3