DeVault Core Wallet has been updated to 1.0.6!


Release 1.0.6 has some major new GUI features, HD Phrase updates as well as more bug fixes, updates and tweaks

  1. Allows users to restore a wallet using either 12 or 24 word (BIP 32/39/44) phrases
    While typing each word, the user will get verification the word is a valid word (part of the set)
  2. For new wallets, ensures that users verify their word phrase (12 or 24 words) before allowing wallet use.
    This is done in a very efficient manner where users sort the words in the right order via drag and drop, rather than having to manually type out the words.
  3. Users can now easily check their word phrase in case they need to write it down again. This is available from the menu and is protected with the wallet password and will relock the wallet right afterwards the word phrase window is closed
  4. Ability to unlock the wallet from the Menu instead of having to use the RPC console
  5. New QT shortcuts for Sign / Verify Message (Ctrl+Shift+M & Ctrl+Shift+V)
  6. Add direct RPC Console menu options in new sub-menu “Tools”
  7. Add toggle for unblinding password fields when entering password via QT GUI message box
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