Criptomerkado Listing Update

Hi this is Oucan

I received an E mail with the BTC address 139bWEiq9WvLTNFDm9h3YttpbaN832V8EN

Achieved to raise up the listing fee via OTC selling. shoutout to @Chris123w

Txid : 7a18cc14e17496205afa3803ff6cf2ef4b3369baed092adcd2dd9edbe8d2c218


Remaining budget: 90 000 DVT

Which I will distribute among users via Promo Codes in the platform.

Im waiting for their e-mail answer and they will come to the forum too.

Thanks for your confidence and support!


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their response saying thanks and future projects together.

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Iā€™m testing the promo code give away.

Will keep you updated.