Community DAO into the future

A proposal for the near future of DeVault Community DAO

Hi all!
So I wrote this proposal to adress the sentiment that community dao has to change.
Everything is open to discussion.
It’s a bit minimal because I got tired of all the confusion about what it should be and who and so on so I just restart it from scratch.

General Community DAO responsibilities
online support, community building/maintaining, guide writing and production of material for distribution such as informational material and stickers available for download.

Please comment on this!

Master plan for community dao
The general idea is to gradually build it up step by step.

Phase 1 : LATAM - 3 months (october→ january 2020)
Work with Oucan with main focus on LATAM community building. Monthly updates.
We gotta make use of those old contacts!
I used to work with Oucan before in another coin and we have extensive contacts in LATAM that I want to work. I choose to start the DAO w him because I know that he is really good in community building and because he has the necessary cultural knowhow for working LATAM. He is also fluent in french and our current translator for both spanish and french.

Proposed members for phase 1:
Pest: coordinator, tech support, forum maintenance, guide writing and other material production, meetups…

Oucan: LATAM ambassador, translations and proof reading spanish/french, #español community manager, community bulding.

Phase 2 : Extending the dao - 3 months (01-2020 → 04-2020)
Shift focus to the area that makes the most sense, maybe SEA or Africa??
Check and update Community DAOs responsibilities.
Add 1-2 more members according to needs.

Phase 3 : Prepare for 1st birthday (04-2020 → 06-2020)
Something special has to happen.

Phase 4 : World wide team – into the future!
Extend focus world wide and have a team member in SEA, Africa, Europe, LATAM, North america… in order to cover the world time wise for support.

more members?

Anyone else who want to be on the DAO can let me know what they want to do. I think that is the easiest way to do it. (RUDEMUDCRAB,Allemeister,cryptosi…)

Besides that then I would like to encourage Cryptosi to continue making the dev reports as a freelancer.


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I’m voting against not including Rudemudcrab. He has been active and helpful and you should implement boots on the ground on multiple continents imho.

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Don’t sweat it bro bro,
Under the circumstances, the coordinator has lost my respect and support Now, so I wouldn’t want to be involved with them anyway

So, the above is an idea, a suggestion, like it says “everything is open”.
It is based on people calling for community dao to loose people resulting in cryptosi saying “oh I just want to do payouts I dont want that responsibility” throwing me under the bus. I wasnt planning on running anyone off but I got tired of the continued pressure from the team to loose people and wrote the above idea.

To make some things clear:

  1. I am looking for some help to find the direction of community dao. Hence the open discussion here.

  2. I have no personal problems with RUDEMUDCRAB nor have I any problem working with them. In fact I have enjoyed their company so far.

  3. I am also fine with not being the coordinator.

Maybe we need to talk about what community dao is and what is expected, before we talk about who should be coordinator and dao members.

I mean if its going to be a big issue, might as well roll the community DAO into the marketing DAO and those who do tech support into dev…

Problem solved.

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OK. First I don’t think 2 people are enough for Tech Support because of the different time zones we need to cover. Tech Support is generally more about being available than putting in a lot of time since there are so few requests typically.

Secondly, better to separate Tech Support from Community Building as there is little in common.

I’m against rolling Tech Support into Dev since my hands are full enough with Dev.

If we want to move Community Building into Marketing I don’t have an issue since it was already discussed and seemed to make sense. However in the interest of decentralization, it would seem better to keep it separate.

Finally, I’d rather see a particular focus on a smaller region than LATAM. LATAM may make sense for finding investors but I think it would be better to focus efforts in LATAM to the areas close to our current team rather than spreading people too thinly across a huge area. I think at this point any community would need to be built from personal contacts which probably works better locally.

About LATAM, the point of this is that we already did a lot of work especially in Mexico and I want recover/use that. It would already be great if we could revive just the Mexican crew, but we also have contacts outside Mexico and there is a lot of social interaction between communities in LATAM and that should be utilized as well. The Mexican part is already in the works.