Community Community and Support DAO Coordinator

The purpose of this vote is to decide on the next coordinator for the Community and Support DAO. I am nominating Pest.

A yes vote will signal support for his appointment.

A short explanation as to why I’m stepping down:
I was originally expecting my role to simply be signing off monthly payments for the DAO as I have a trusted status with some of the Day 1 supporters, That expanded to co-ordinating Support and community tasks with a team not of my choosing.
We have found the team including myself to be mostly unavailable, and nowhere near successful as a team.
In the decentralised spirit of this project its only right that myself as an unelected ‘incumbent’ step down and give the reign to a team member who has shown commitment to the support side of the community DAO Pest. I’m expecting him to select a team of his choosing and things to improve. Meanwhile I will put in some different proposals for my own Devault focused initiatives.

please feel free to discuss in the comments section below


I will be stepping down from my role as the Community & Support Coordinator as soon as a replacement is agreed upon by the community. I would like to nominate Pest as my replacement. Pest is the ideal candidate as he has consistently shown to be a passionate advocate for the DeVault community through his tireless efforts including manning the support channel. We are lucky to have him and I encourage everyone to consider voting for Pest to help us move this project forward.

please feel free to discuss in the comments section below

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Thank you for the kind words!! And for the work you did to help start up this project, I for one have enjoyed your dev reports and hope you will continue to make them.
As for the DAO and DeVault, then we are still very early and there is a lot of work to be done and I am excited for this opportunity to help start up and grow this project.With me as coordinator the community DAO will continue with Oucan and RUDEMUDCRAB as members. The three of us will take a fresh look at what there is to be done, and make sure to have a lot of fun along the way.
I had no idea I would or could end up a coordinater but I will enjoy doing it and have no plan to leave the project any time soon.