Cold Rewards Boost - 3 month temporary program

Cold Rewards Boost

Summary: The goal of this proposal is to incentivize enough buying and hodling to kick start the early adoption and accelerate development of the DeVault Economy.

Overall Cost: 15% of Community Budget per superblock

Program Length: 3 months (may resubmit later)

Full Proposal Body:
This proposals goal is to kickstart the value of the overall economy, lower the selling rate from miners as well as help stabilize the mindset a bit while Bitcoin attempts new historic highs. I would hope everyone would also use this proposal as an example of what community budgets are actually capable of, not simply meetups and integrations funding like most 2d altcoins leverage it for.

Simple list of rules:

  • 10,000+ coins in a single UTXO (not just an address. use coin control feature to see UTXO’s)
  • Minimum time without outgoing UTXO.
  • Must be considered ‘holding’ prior to monthly payout.
  • Exchanges will be blacklisted from this proposal, please store coins in the wallets.

Level 1: 21,915 blocks - 65,744 blocks with no outgoing UTXO = Equal share of 50% of monthly proposal cost
Level 2: 65,745+ blocks with no outgoing UTXO = Additional Equal share of 50% of monthly proposal cost

So basically if you have a single UTXO with 10,000 or more coins and do not move it for 65.7k blocks you will stand to get a (proportional) portion of 100% of the proposal, meaning both tiers of payouts. The amount you receive depends on the amount of coins you have that meet the above criteria.

This process is a manual process where a list of addresses will be produced and paid out based on an ab RPC dump either based on how many cold rewards have been received and/or blocks passed, we have not decided on the last part yet but the effect is the same.

Could you please give the details of how this will be carried out so that it will be verifiable in the future?

The idea is we RPC all the balances by either balance or amount of cold rewards, I was going to let proteus decide which was most straight forward…

Based on that you make 2 lists, and send out a transactions to each of the addresses one each list.

The amount the user would get is proportional to their holdings.

@Decentralizd just a question: should this proposal be updated? Since we are now voting on a minimum of 25k in one UTXO to receive rewards.

I just realized also that this is back dated in terms of rewards. Since I had to move coins due to voting issues, I’m inclined now to vote against this.
I also didn’t understand the explanation of how this will be done and how exchanges will be eliminated from also getting rewards here