Coinkit integration

Going to make this really short so we can move fast.

Coinkit integration costs is normally $4800,- a year (or $13800 once for a lifetime). Regarding our price/budget I have negotiated a monthly payment subscription. The only catch is we need to pay 3 months upfront (instead of 12).

So the cost of this is $1,200 (for 3 months) and afterwards we can put it up for vote again for $400,- a month.

The cost is $1,200. The current $DVT price is 9 sats. I want to propose a reimbursement for people in $DVT from the community budget. To not make matters too difficult I would also propose that if people want to chip in and be reimbursed they need to chip in at least $100,-.

Current $DVT price = $0.00110738. So for every $1, you are reimbursed with $DVT 903.032.
Minimum = 100$ = $DVT 90,303.238

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@bitcoinjake09 image reserved.

so 647.39 still needed.

I can put the rest, or whatever amount is needed.

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Thanks. I pinged everyone in Discord and got the total amount with a minute. Do you want me to pull out? I pledged $250.

Oh awesome man, that’s great to get that kind of support. I’m ok, just wanted to help :slight_smile:

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Deal is done.


due to valid remarks we had more people chip in