Bulk Exchange & Service Listings

This proposal aims to fund a variety of different listings from small-sized exchanges, statistics sites, news sites and cryptocurrency directories.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of finding new, small, cheap but somewhat sturdy services in the categories of exchanges, stats sites, news sites, and directories for crypto-businesses and products. I’ve had some good finds, some good deals, and some great marketing potential within them due to their community backing, and I’d like to get some of these services and communities familiar with DeVault.

The meat of the proposal: To fund and initiate listings on such platforms and services, DeVault is visibly already on two decent exchanges, being SouthXChange and Escodex, but, the volume, member counts and monthly-visitors of these small exchanges cumulative, adds up to a decent (imo) return on this proposal’s investment. I am able to list on these small services combined, for less than $250 total. And I believe that is worthwhile.

The Sources
The below services are ones which I will be focusing primarily on listing DeVault onto, during this proposal.

Stats were taken from CoinGecko at the current time of writing, they may have changed at the time of reading.

  • SafeTrade - $20,999 24h Vol - 180,000 Monthly Visits - Based in Canada.
  • Altmarkets - $96,262 24h Vol - 129,966 Monthly Visits - Based in UK.
  • InsaneExchange - N/A (Yet to re-open due to minor issues)
  • SEND Platform - A tipping platform & exchange all-in-one.

There are likely 10+ services that provide statistics similar to CMC or CoinGecko, I cannot list all of them at this time though, as this can be quite time consuming, it took me 15 mins to write the above exchange list ffs.

Most of the above exchanges require paid voting, hence, this proposal aims to pay those costs to get on said exchanges, community members may contribute to a listing by using free votes on applicable exchanges.

The Timeframe

For exchanges, and especially smaller ones. Listing traffic is generally quite low, so I’m able to get fast and direct contact with the team of them relatively fast.

I can roughly estimate, for all above written listings, it would take about 1-2 months to finish all exchange listings. And potentially less than a week for Altmarkets, as I have direct contact with them.

For stats sites, they generally get much higher listing traffic, so estimating times for them is extremely hard~ But I will update the post with a “Progress” area everytime a new listing is secured.

The Costs

This proposal is asking for $325 worth of DVT at the current average valuation of 19 satoshis ($0.00199643) based on CoinGecko stats.

$250 (125,187 DVT) of funding will be allocated for listing payments and paid votes for said services.

$75 (37,537 DVT) will be kept by me, for finding, applying & negotiating with said services.

Total of 162,724 DVT requested.

To prevent harming the DeVault market temporarily, services will be paid out-of-pocket in Bitcoin, while DVT is kept from the proposal and CODL’d long-term.

Thank you for reading! Hope to see some positive responses, but all suggestions & opinions are welcome and will be listened to with an open-mind, this is my first DeVault proposal. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Whenever progress happens with a listing, I will edit below this area with it’s progress.

15/08 - 15:00
SatoExchange has been removed from the list and replaced with SafeTrade, due to suddenly stating a higher price than discussed prior to this proposal.

24/08 - 17:25
Altmarkets has been successfully contacted, they have reviewed DeVault and appear to be happy to list, a payment of roughly $155 equivilent in BTC has been paid to Altmarkets, currently awaiting a reply to the payment.

30/08 - 21:35
Altmarkets have silently listed DeVault onto their system, although currently not trading, I was requested to test a deposit, and it worked smoothly. A publicly announced listing may be imminent.

01/09 - 20:00
Altmarkets have successfully listed DeVault and enabled trading against BTC.
Visit Altmarkets.io to trade DVT/BTC.


I like the idea. I just find 25% of the asked budget for personal payment a bit much. Proposals aren’t meant for personal enrichment. Of course the hours and work invested should be able to be reimbursed and 75$ isn’t that much. But on 75 on a total proposal budget of 325 is. But hey, that’s my personal opinion.

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I gotcha~ I’d understand the concern personally myself, if the overall budget was much higher (e.g: $1000 equivalent). But with a budget of $325, $75 for~ Lets say 8-10 hours of researching, applying, contacting services. I personally find this fair.

Bear in mind, I do crypto for a ‘living’, I have no IRL job. So as much as I like to improve and help crypto grow, passion doesn’t pay the bills, and even living in a shared accommodation, I need some form of income in places that I put my time into.

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I really like the proposal and find it to be targeting an area with an outsized impact relative to the costs. I personally would be buying more DVT through an exchange if we were listed on one that had better trade export functions (like via .csv). SouthXChange is really bad in that area.

As to my friend Lex’s concerns. I appreciate that we should always keep a close eye out for unnecessary spending, I think we will with so many concerned eyes on the budget. I also am sympathetic to the concern about the budget being used for personal enrichment. The other side of that argument is that I think it’s unreasonable to expect people to work for free.

So what is the middle ground? I think this is where reputation comes in. On Devault.online they are working to bring in a reputation feature for exactly this sort of thing. So if another person that I didn’t know were to submit a similar proposal I would definitely be concerned about personal enrichment, at least until they’ve proven their value to the community in other way. At least for me, the Kitty has shown to be exceptionally valuable to the community and my only regret with supporting this proposal would be that our new project isn’t paying MORE than $75 worth of DVT for someone so obviously talented.

Just a minor thing @JSKitty and this is more for the sake of setting good standards for proposals in general. I see that you have 1)Introduced the problem 2) Introduced your solution 3) Provided Data to support 1 and 2. 4) Outlined a budget… Only thing that I would like to hear are your thoughts about a timeline, how long do you think this will take?

Otherwise, well done.


Thank you for the thought-out reply!

I agree with the first (second?) point of unnecessary budget spending, I’ve been inside alot of DAO projects, most of the time, the budgets are highly concentrated on single topics and entities, and I’m highly against that, too. There is a fine line between ‘fair’ and ‘greedy’ proposals that ask for more than what the consensus agree that it is worth, yet, the proposals usually still succeed in many DAOs…

Reputation & Historical-trust work well for these areas, for funding, open-source work, general hierarchy in groups. I believe, if someone launches ‘fair’ proposals by consensus, and they deliver exactly what they proposed, that adds to their rep and trust, and generally deserve less flak upon mistakes and such. I am fine going through the period of ‘gaining trust’, as long as we can meet fair consensus together with the community.

I will edit my post with an estimated timeline, good point! @fiatluxx


Edit: What would add strength to this proposal is to have a list of recurring costs for these services to get a total view of what it would cost the community. @JSKitty

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There are no recurring costs in any of these services, nor my proposal. It’s a one-time funding initiative for multiple one-time payments.

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I don’t mind this, all costs seem fair to me,

These exchange fees aren’t high, but the time cost incured to organize listings is a real thing,
Also I think there is no harm in rewarding action

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I support this proposal. The cost is low, the proposer has reputation and has put in quite a bit of effort already.

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