BoxWallet integration

Hi everyone,

We’re planning on adding DeVault to BoxWallet to bring DeVault to a wider audience.

I would like to add DeVault to our BoxWallet CLI multi coin tool.

BoxWallet makes it very easy to setup a wallet/full node for the coin of your choosing, with just a few commands.

boxwallet coin - allows you to choose your coin of choice, when selected, BoxWallet downloads the projects core files.

boxwallet start - starts the coins daemon

boxwallet dash - displays a dashboard with the coins Blockchain and wallet info.

Any questions, please let us know

Would you be charging for this integration?

Yes, I’ve linked this to a proposal to help pay for the time to implement DeVault

will there be maintenance fees down the road or is this a one time fee?

How big is the BoxWallet user base?
What is the estimated number of hours work for this task?
How much do you expect to be paid per hour of work?

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No. I’m not going to charge anything further for maintenance.


I don’t know how big the user base is as the app doesn’t do any tracking, and it’s open source.
I’m planning on regularly adding new coins, and so naturally the user base will grow organically over time.
I’m expecting the initial integration work to take about a week of my spare time, and then it will obviously take further chunks of time for maintenance, as new releases of DeVault core come out and new features get added, so the hourly rate will keep getting lower over time.

Ok. thanks for the proposal. This feels more like a developer wanting funding for his project than something that the community itself wants.

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Not at all. BoxWallet is already up and running and the dash is customised for each specific coin. The funding is specifically for adding DeVault.