BLS Network upgrade

Please see here (pre-proposal discussion)

for more details

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Just for sake of discussion and clarity for voters here are some things to consider while voting in no specific order but worth thinking about and/or discussing might be:


  • Adds new use case in terms of privacy-centric cash
  • Adds new reason for higher price valuations
  • Gives us an edge over other projects in this regard of privacy vs non privacy projects
  • Unique code base is unique therefore should be more ‘valuable’
  • Should allow private voting to some degree

(Possible?) Cons:

  • Technical debt because it’s new tech/code base.
  • Easily forkable projects from BCH/BTC might be less easy to fork sometimes
  • Possibly higher integration costs from exchanges and other softwares like POS systems.
  • If we can’t sustain dev work increases on this codebase, we might get stuck without being able to update it easily down the road if Spock is the only one working on it mostly…
  • Adding other features or integration with current features like voting might not be as simple as we first assume they are. Wont know until we code it all…

I think thats a fair run down of both sides from my perspective.

Great work though Spock, I for one welcome the use case, just would like everyone to be wary of the possibilities once its added.

If anyone has anything to add now would be the time.

Also is there a timeline on a video of a transaction from a GUI users perspective? Will there be alot more UI options and/or could you make a few screenshots of one happening so that everyone can see the fundamental differences in real time?

I don’t expect much changes to transactions or the GUI but can put together something when it’s ready. Most of the differences will be invisible to users. Wallet needs more work but it doesn’t make sense finishing everything in case this doesn’t pass voting.

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