500k for VIP Crypto Tips for Influencers of a minimum following

I know this is a bit of a stretch at the moment but I would like to suggest allocating atleast 500k coins that can be used for 10 separate VIP tips to get our wonderful project into the hands of either influential persons in the space and/or people that would either help spread awareness for DeVault or perhaps play an integral role.

As of this posting 50k coins is worth a mere $50 or so depending on the daily swings and while this is not a large amount it could go a long way in getting our ideas to spread more into the crypto sphere without trying to bribe anyone and/or pressure them by offering more funds.

We would simply require the person posts a thank you to their twitter account with the handle or shouts us on in their youtube video for providing the tip as a community, this 50,000 coins would hardly be considered buying the persons endorsement, merely getting our coins in the hands of busy individuals who are currently occupied with the many projects that came before us.

I propose the minimum subscriber counts and/or twitter following be equal to that of 40,000 or more, either platform.

Feel free to throw some ideas at this concept but lets try to keep it elegant and simple and not be too forceful on these folks as $50 may not be what they want, but rather some skin in the game as some would say. It would give some extra folks a reason to pay a little bit more attention to us and perhaps in return we’ll get some better coverage than we have been. These tips would be a first come first serve system and the agreement is we get a @ and a thank you on either youtube or twitter.

Looking forward to the discussion. Thanks.


I think this is a great proposal