In a partnership between Canal Z Crypto and Estácio de Sá University, we have so far held 2 meetup in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
The first was held on 14/03/2019 in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Presidente Vargas Campus) Theme: Blockchain and entrepreneurship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KthRM5zyF0&list=PL19U-d2DPGCF16usvtph2mD-nc6Ady0uU

The Second was held on 04/09/2019 in Niterói City (Oscar Niemeyer Campus) Theme: Cryptocurrencies and the job market.
We develop a complete roadmap that starts before each event

  • Choice of topics covered in the auditorium;
  • Distinguished speakers bringing quality content;
  • Schedule based on the topics addressed and strategic schedules of each speaker.
    In both held meetups we had quality speakers like:
    Saint Clair (Exchange 3XBIT)
    Felipe (Bitnada)
    Irlan (Waves)
    Wendel Costa (Zcrypto)
    Rui Braga (Zaigar and Exchange Cointrade)
    Luan Italo (Youtuber)
    Marcus (Cardano)
    Pedro (Tezos)
    Paulo Aragão (Crypt Easy)
    Among others…
    What is the purpose of these MEETUPS?
    The purpose of these MeetUp is to bring broad knowledge about new Blockchain technologies, tools, awareness, usability and adoption to college students and enthusiasts.
    Additional hours are also taken into account for students at Estácio University.

The amount requested in this proposal is intended to assist with some expenses to meetup such as:
Security - Inspector - Concierge - Attendant - Fireman - Electrician - General Services - Techn. equipment - Téc. informatics - Tech auditorium.
Other expenses such as:
Banners and folders
Invoice will be issued if you wish.

who is already sponsoring the event?

Nioshares - https://nioshares.io/EU/
Smartcash - https://brazil.smartcash.cc
Zaigar - https://zaigar.com
Exchange Cointrade - https://cointrade.cx/cointrade/
CriptoFácil - https://www.criptofacil.com
Zcrypto Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKnhx_E2ZW1giC6yNyJscw
CriptoBlock - https://criptoblock.com.br
Zcore: https://zcore.cash

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What exactly will this bring to/for DeVault? Will DeVault be the exclusive topic or will other projects be marketed? Also, how did you come about or calculate the requested amount?

Everyone will have their unique topics, which is why someone can get to know the DeVault project.
The event is not limited solely to a particular currency, I believe something should not be limited.
Otherwise it would be something Centralized.
In the event besides college students we will have entrepreneurs and investors. And this public does not seek centralized projects.
As you do not have a representative in Brazil I could talk about your projects, as I did for smartcash in March this year.
The amount requested was exactly $ 100 (228,968,000 dvt) according to the calculation made yesterday.

I don’t see why a meetup where one particular project would be discussed would be ‘something centralized’.

I also don’t see why the community should pay for a meetup where other projects are the topic.

About the calculation, I know how much DVT was or is 100 dollar, but that wasn’t the question. Let me rephrase. How did you come about the amount of 100 dollar?

A free meeting? impossible there are several costs in one place, it would be very easy to use everything from my pocket and you and others submit projects …
Respect your opinion, if you do not agree vote against please.

The value of 100 usd was based on the cost of the place and making materials such as banners and pamphlets.
The total cost of the site plus material was $ 1237 usd, as the auditorium has capacity for up to 800 people and will be rented, will be hired sound, imaging (Camera and datashow), 1 local fireman, because in Brazil this is mandatory, hiring security, making 4 banners, making flyers talking a little about each project.

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Good to know, thanks for the reply and details!

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