25k for free proposals

In our last DAO call multiple marketing proposals have been discussed. One that had been mentioned was as follows:

A person has to:

  1. Download the core wallet
  2. Start a discussion on devaultchat.cc
  3. Start the proposal on devault.online
  4. Have the community vote on it and if the proposal wins (after 15 days) the user gets 25,000 $DVT (currently $10).

This is a great way of getting new users into our community, educate them on our ecosystem and reward them for it. $25K so they can start earning rewards.

I would propose 25 of these proposals, so the cost would be 25 x 25,000 $DVT = 625,000 $DVT.


  1. user has to join Discord/Telegram/Mattermost
  2. user must follow @devaultcrypto on twitter
  3. user must have a twitter account (could be facebook or whatever else) that is at least one month old (more so to secure the uniqueness of a user).

Excellent idea, education via practice is a must have.

I agree, good idea. It could help drive educated adoption and not just people that would claim to dump.

The proposal already won (well in 3 hours).