Hello community, we are dedicated to developing high impact projects, and we publicize them, we have a small Facebook channel for Latin America, and we want to do a new streaming about DeVault, we would like to know what topics would be the most convenient or generate a webinar series with “Power By DeVault” where different crypto themes powered by DeVaullt are opened

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What is it exactly that you are proposing here? A sponsorship? If so, what would be the amount you are suggesting? What are the nubmers for this ‘small Facebook channel for Latin America’? Any source?

we find ourselves as a “hack for peace” on facebook, youtube and twitter we have a reach of 25k organic people, we are not demanding a minimum amount of sponsorship, but we are open to the possibilities what we do is work with the tools of the sponsors Giving dissemination and use of these, we focus on three branches that are education, agrotech, and the adoption of new technologies

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I’m still confused on what we are supposed to be providing… Are you asking us to give you free content to advertise to your audience or are you asking us to pay you to advertise DeVault to your audience? Or both?

To be clear either is potentially an option. Content can be freely given and payments can be voted on by the community.

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We are currently open to any type of support, as we are supporting the projects and channels under donations, we currently need to update a certain work team and therefore we turn to various entities.

what we seek is to train and educate communities for the use of disruptive technologies, we are currently developing two projects that is “Unidos X la Tecnologia” and “Agrotech” these are the first stages for the development and adoption of crypto from the base economic and social.

Being part of the Crypto community and of $ DVT we are passionate about promoting the use of Blockchain as the community grows, however the lack of equipment is a limitation to achieve our objectives, in an optimal way, for that reason we would like to know if you have the Possibility of joining this initiative as a sponsor, the “Hack por la Paz” team is open to the possibilities of the support that they can give us

i think that if you want something from the devault community then you will have to be more direct and specific. it is not clear what you want from us.

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We need financial support for a work team and change, we will give diffusion and spaces for dvt

you can write an idea in preproposal and get response, then a proposal and send it to vote.